Future trends in patient-reported outcomes assessment for patients with advanced-stage lung cancer receiving targeted therapy

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Recent advances in cancer cell biology have led to the development of therapeutic agents that target pathways critical to the development and progression of disease. These so-called "targeted therapies" might offer patients a more tolerable alternative to traditional systemic chemotherapy that often achieves therapeutic benefit at the cost of debilitating side effects. Several targeted agents have been recently tested in clinical trials of advanced-stage lung cancer. As interest in these therapies grows, an understanding of their impact on the patient's well-being will be important. Patient-reported outcome measures such as formal assessments of health-related quality of life and disease symptoms provide a useful means for addressing the impact of therapy from the perspective of the patient. We summarize the most commonly used measures of health-related quality of life in clinical trials of advanced-stage lung cancer. Although existing measurement systems do provide adequate coverage of many important patient-related outcome issues, the advent of targeted therapies in advanced-stage lung cancer does expose several measurement gaps. We highlight some of these gaps by reviewing a representative sample of recently conducted clinical trials of targeted lung cancer therapy and offer insight as to how these gaps can be filled. We also briefly discuss a set of issues unique to patients receiving targeted therapy (eg, perceptions of treatment efficacy, treatment compliance, patient satisfaction, and treatment convenience) and consider a few methodologic concerns unique to patients with advanced cancer.

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  • Functional assessment of cancer therapy
  • Hospital anxiety and depression scale
  • Lung cancer symptom scale
  • Quality of life
  • Rotterdam symptom checklist
  • Symptoms

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