Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: Treatment: Overview

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationGastrointestinal Oncology
Subtitle of host publicationA Critical Multidisciplinary Team Approach
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Number of pages1
ISBN (Print)9781405127837
StatePublished - Jan 14 2009


  • Chromoendoscopy
  • Endoscopic diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus
  • Esophageal Barrett's metaplasia prognosis
  • Esophageal adenocarcinoma
  • Esophageal carcinoma management and radiotherapy
  • Light/laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIFS)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Specialized intestinal metaplasia (SIM)
  • Standard white-light endoscopy

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