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Ibrutinib for the management of schnitzler syndrome: A novel therapy for a rare condition

Jani, P., Vissing, M. B., Ahmed, S., Sluzevich, J. C., Aulakh, S., Alegria, V., Ailawadhi, M., Chanan Khan, A. A. & Ailawadhi, S., Jun 1 2018, In : Journal of Oncology Practice. 14, 6, p. 387-388 2 p.

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In Support of a Patient-Driven Initiative and Petition to Lower the High Price of Cancer Drugs

Tefferi, A., Kantarjian, H., Rajkumar, S. V., Baker, L. H., Abkowitz, J. L., Adamson, J. W., Advani, R. H., Allison, J., Antman, K. H., Bast, R. C., Bennett, J. M., Benz, E. J., Berliner, N., Bertino, J., Bhatia, R., Bhatia, S., Bhojwani, D., Blanke, C. D., Bloomfield, C. D., Bosserman, L. & 95 others, Broxmeyer, H. E., Byrd, J. C., Cabanillas, F., Canellos, G. P., Chabner, B. A., Chanan-Khan, A., Cheson, B., Clarkson, B., Cohn, S. L., Colon-Otero, G., Cortes, J., Coutre, S., Cristofanilli, M., Curran, W. J., Daley, G. Q., Deangelo, D. J., Deeg, H. J., Einhorn, L. H., Erba, H. P., Esteva, F. J., Estey, E., Fidler, I. J., Foran, J., Forman, S., Freireich, E., Fuchs, C., George, J. N., Gertz, M. A., Giralt, S., Golomb, H., Greenberg, P., Gutterman, J., Handin, R. I., Hellman, S., Hoff, P. M., Hoffman, R., Hong, W. K., Horowitz, M., Hortobagyi, G. N., Hudis, C., Issa, J. P., Johnson, B. E., Kantoff, P. W., Kaushansky, K., Khayat, D., Khuri, F. R., Kipps, T. J., Kripke, M., Kyle, R. A., Larson, R. A., Lawrence, T. S., Levine, R., Link, M. P., Lippman, S. M., Lonial, S., Lyman, G. H., Markman, M., Mendelsohn, J., Meropol, N. J., Messinger, Y., Mulvey, T. M., O'Brien, S., Perez-Soler, R., Pollock, R., Prchal, J., Press, O., Radich, J., Rai, K., Rosenberg, S. A., Rowe, J. M., Rugo, H., Runowicz, C. D., Sandmaier, B. M., Saven, A., Schafer, A. I., Schiffer, C., Sekeres, M. A., Silver, R. T., Siu, L. L., Steensma, D. P., Stewart, F. M., Stock, W., Stone, R., Storb, R., Strong, L. C., Tallman, M. S., Thompson, M., Ueno, N. T., Van Etten, R. A., Vose, J. M., Wiernik, P. H., Winer, E. P., Younes, A., Zelenetz, A. D. & Lemaistre, C. A., Aug 1 2015, In : Mayo Clinic proceedings. 90, 8, p. 996-1000 5 p.

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Out of the woods, a mayo clinic emerges: A commentary on the history of mayo clinic in florida

Colón-Otero, G., May 2014, In : Mayo Clinic proceedings. 89, 5, p. 583-588 6 p.

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Microtubule inhibitors: Differentiating tubulin-inhibiting agents based on mechanisms of action, clinical activity, and resistance

Perez, E. A., Aug 1 2009, In : Molecular cancer therapeutics. 8, 8, p. 2086-2095 10 p.

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Cancer in American Indian and Alaska Native populations continues to threaten an aging population: The need for tribal, state, and federal action

Kaur, J. S. & Hampton, J. W., Sep 1 2008, In : Cancer. 113, 5 SUPPL., p. 1117-1119 3 p.

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Ditching the chaperone!

Chanan-Khan, A., Feb 1 2006, In : Blood. 107, 3, 1 p.

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Advances in screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer

Mincey, B. A. & Perez, E. A., Jun 2004, In : Mayo Clinic proceedings. 79, 6, p. 810-816 7 p.

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Overview: Oral granisetron (Kytril tablets) prophylaxis for chemotherapy- induced nausea and vomiting

Perez, E. A., Jan 1 1995, In : Seminars in oncology. 22, 4 SUPPL. 10, p. 1-2 2 p.

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