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10p duplication characterized by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Wiktor, A., Feldman, G. L., Kratkoczki, P., Ditmars, D. M. & Van Dyke, D. L., 1994, In : American Journal of Medical Genetics. 52, 3, p. 315-318 4 p.

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Chromosome Painting
Failure to Thrive
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 4
Cytogenetic Analysis
Cleft Lip
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10 reasons why soft-copy displays fall short of film.

Pavlicek, W. & Erickson, B. J., 2000, In : Diagnostic Imaging. 22, 11, p. 133-136 4 p.

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Radiology Information Systems
Data Display
X-Ray Film
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10 years of 25-hydroxyvitamin-D testing by LC-MS/MS-trends in vitamin-D deficiency and sufficiency

Galior, K., Ketha, H., Grebe, S. & Singh, R. J., Jun 1 2018, In : Bone Reports. 8, p. 268-273 6 p.

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Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D
25-hydroxyvitamin D
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111In-CYT-103 Scanning in Recurrent Colorectal Cancer - Does It Affect Standard Management?

Dominguez, J. M., Wolff, B. G., Nelson, H., Forstrom, L. A. & Mullan, B. P., May 1996, In : Diseases of the Colon and Rectum. 39, 5, p. 514-519 6 p.

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Colorectal Neoplasms
Carcinoembryonic Antigen
Physical Examination
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111Indium-diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid CSF flow studies predict distribution of intrathecally administered chemotherapy and outcome in patients with leptomeningeal metastases [3] (multiple letters)

Chamberlain, M. C., Kormanik, P., Jaeckle, K. A., Glantz, M., Mason, W. P., Yeh, S. D. & DeAngelis, L. M., Jan 1 1999, In : Neurology. 52, 1, p. 216-217 2 p.

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Indium Radioisotopes
Meningeal Neoplasms
Spinal Injections
Pentetic Acid
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111In-oxine-labelled granulocyte dosimetry in normal subjects

Forstrom, L. A., Dunn, W. L., Rowe, F. A. & Camilleri, M., 1995, In : Nuclear Medicine Communications. 16, 5, p. 349-356 8 p.

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Bone Marrow

11 Analysis of centrosome amplification in cancer

Lingle, W. L. & Salisbury, J. L., 2005, Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas. Vol. 3. p. 119-128 10 p. (Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas; vol. 3).

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11C-choline PET/CT for detection and localization of parathyroid adenomas

Parvinian, A., Martin-Macintosh, E. L., Goenka, A., Durski, J. M., Mullan, B. P., Kemp, B. J. & Johnson, G. B., Feb 1 2018, In : American Journal of Roentgenology. 210, 2, p. 418-422 5 p.

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Parathyroid Neoplasms
Parathyroid Hormone
Thyroid Gland

11C-Choline PET Guided Salvage Radiation Therapy for Isolated Pelvic and Paraortic Nodal Recurrence of Prostate Cancer After Radical Prostatectomy: Rationale and Early Genitourinary or Gastrointestinal Toxicities

Jethwa, K. R., Hellekson, C. D., Evans, J. D., Harmsen, W. S., Wilhite, T. J., Whitaker, T. J., Park, S. S., Choo, C. R., Stish, B. J., Olivier, K. R., Haloi, R., Lowe, V. J., Welch, B. T., Quevedo, J. F., Mynderse, L. A., Karnes, R. J., Kwon, E. D. & Davis, B. J., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Advances in Radiation Oncology.

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Open Access
Salvage Therapy
Prostatic Neoplasms
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11C PiB and structural MRI provide complementary information in imaging of Alzheimer's disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Jack, C. R. J., Lowe, V., Senjem, M. L., Weigand, S. D., Kemp, B. J., Shiung, M. M., Knopman, D. S., Boeve, B. F., Klunk, W. E., Mathis, C. A. & Petersen, R. C., Mar 2008, In : Brain. 131, 3, p. 665-680 16 p.

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Alzheimer Disease
Cognitive Dysfunction
Retention (Psychology)
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11p deletions and breakpoints in squamous cell carcinoma: Association with altered reactivity with the UM-E7 antibody

Bradford, C. R., Kimmel, K. A., Van Dyke, D. L., Worsham, M. J., Tilley, B. J., Burk, D., Del Rosario, F., Lutz, S., Tooley, R., Hayashida, D. J. S. & Carey, T. E., 1991, In : Genes Chromosomes and Cancer. 3, 4, p. 272-282 11 p.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Cell Line
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11q13 allelic imbalance discriminates pulmonary carcinoids from tumorlets: A microdissection-based genotyping approach useful in clinical practice

Finkelstein, S. D., Hasegawa, T., Colby, T. & Yousem, S. A., 1999, In : American Journal of Pathology. 155, 2, p. 633-640 8 p.

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Allelic Imbalance
Carcinoid Tumor
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1
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11q13 is a susceptibility locus for hormone receptor positive breast cancer

Lambrechts, D., Truong, T., Justenhoven, C., Humphreys, M. K., Wang, J., Hopper, J. L., Dite, G. S., Apicella, C., Southey, M. C., Schmidt, M. K., Broeks, A., Cornelissen, S., van Hien, R., Sawyer, E., Tomlinson, I., Kerin, M., Miller, N., Milne, R. L., Zamora, M. P., Pérez, J. I. A. & 131 others, Benítez, J., Hamann, U., Ko, Y. D., Brüning, T., Chang-Claude, J., Eilber, U., Hein, R., Nickels, S., Flesch-Janys, D., Wang-Gohrke, S., John, E. M., Miron, A., Winqvist, R., Pylkäs, K., Jukkola-Vuorinen, A., Grip, M., Chenevix-Trench, G., Beesley, J., Chen, X., Investigators, KC., Menegaux, F., Cordina-Duverger, E., Shen, C. Y., Yu, J. C., Wu, P. E., Hou, M. F., Andrulis, I. L., Selander, T., Glendon, G., Mulligan, A. M., Anton-Culver, H., Ziogas, A., Muir, K. R., Lophatananon, A., Rattanamongkongul, S., Puttawibul, P., Jones, M., Orr, N., Ashworth, A., Swerdlow, A., Severi, G., Baglietto, L., Giles, G., Southey, M., Marmé, F., Schneeweiss, A., Sohn, C., Burwinkel, B., Yesilyurt, B. T., Neven, P., Paridaens, R., Wildiers, H., Brenner, H., Müller, H., Arndt, V., Stegmaier, C., Meindl, A., Schott, S., Bartram, C. R., Schmutzler, R. K., Cox, A., Brock, I. W., Elliott, G., Cross, S. S., Fasching, P. A., Schulz-Wendtland, R., Ekici, A. B., Beckmann, M. W., Fletcher, O., Johnson, N., Silva, I. D. S., Peto, J., Nevanlinna, H., Muranen, T. A., Aittomäki, K., Blomqvist, C., Dörk, T., Schürmann, P., Bremer, M., Hillemanns, P., Bogdanova, N. V., Antonenkova, N. N., Rogov, Y. I., Karstens, J. H., Khusnutdinova, E., Bermisheva, M., Prokofieva, D., Gancev, S., Jakubowska, A., Lubinski, J., Jaworska, K., Durda, K., Nordestgaard, B. G., Bojesen, S. E., Lanng, C., Mannermaa, A., Kataja, V., Kosma, V. M., Hartikainen, J. M., Radice, P., Peterlongo, P., Manoukian, S., Bernard, L., Couch, F. J., Olson, J. E., Wang, X., Fredericksen, Z., Alnæs, G. G., Kristensen, V., Børresen-Dale, A. L., Devilee, P., Tollenaar, R. A. E. M., Seynaeve, C. M., Hooning, M. J., García-Closas, M., Chanock, S. J., Lissowska, J., Sherman, M. E., Hall, P., Liu, J., Czene, K., Kang, D., Yoo, K. Y., Noh, D. Y., Lindblom, A., Margolin, S., Dunning, A. M., Pharoah, P. D. P., Easton, D. F., Guénel, P. & Brauch, H., Jul 2012, In : Human Mutation. 33, 7, p. 1123-1132 10 p.

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Breast Neoplasms
Estrogen Receptors
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 10
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 9

11 year old with proximal tubule subnuclear vacuoles

Juskewitch, J. E., Cramer, C. H. & Alexander, M. P., Nov 1 2017, In : Human Pathology: Case Reports. 10, p. 37-38 2 p.

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11βhydroxysteroid dehydrogenase types 1 and 2 activity in subcutaneous adipose tissue in humans: Implications in obesity and diabetes

Dube, S., Norby, B. J., Pattan, V., Carter, R. E., Basu, A. & Basu, R., Jan 1 2015, In : Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 100, 1, p. E70-E76

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Subcutaneous Fat
Medical problems
11-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases
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12. Computerized Transmission Tomography

Greenleaf, J. F., 1981, In : Methods in Experimental Physics. 19, C, p. 563-589 27 p.

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123I-Meta-Iodobenzylguanidine Guanidine-Guided Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation: Will Expanding the Target Improve the Aim?

Aggarwal, N. R. & Chareonthaitawee, P., Jun 4 2015, In : Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. 8, 3, p. 520-522 3 p.

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Computer Assisted Image Interpretation
Catheter Ablation
Three-Dimensional Imaging
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126th International Workshop: Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes, 24-26 September 2004, Naarden, the Netherlands

Beeson, D., Hantaï, D., Lochmüller, H. & Engel, A. G., Jul 2005, In : Neuromuscular Disorders. 15, 7, p. 498-512 15 p.

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Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes
Choline O-Acetyltransferase
Muscle Proteins
Sodium Channels
Neuromuscular Junction
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12 Calcium channel blockers

Leslie, J. B. & Tardiff, B. E., 1995, In : Bailliere's Clinical Anaesthesiology. 9, 1, p. 181-205 25 p.

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Calcium Channel Blockers
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12 GHz clocked operation of ultralow power interband resonant tunneling diode pipelined logic gates

Williamson, W., Enquist, S. B., Chow, D. H., Dunlap, H. L., Subramaniam, S., Lei, P., Bernstein, G. H. & Gilbert, B. K., Feb 1997, In : IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits. 32, 2, p. 222-230 9 p.

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Resonant tunneling diodes
Logic gates
Energy dissipation
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12-Lipoxygenase in porcine coronary microcirculation: Implications for coronary vasoregulation

Zink, M. H., Oltman, C. L., Lu, T. D., Katakam, P. V. G., Kaduce, T. L., Lee, H. C., Dellsperger, K. C., Spector, A. A., Myers, P. R. & Weintraub, N. L., Feb 2001, In : American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 280, 2 49-2

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12-Hydroxy-5,8,10,14-eicosatetraenoic Acid
Arachidonate 12-Lipoxygenase
Arachidonic Acid
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12-month follow-up analysis of a multicenter, randomized, prospective trial in de novo liver transplantation recipients (LIS2T) comparing cyclosporine microemulsion (C2 monitoring) and tacrolimus

Levy, G., Grazi, G. L., Sanjuan, F., Wu, Y., Mühlbacher, F., Samuel, D., Friman, S., Jones, R., Cantisani, G., Villamil, F., Cillo, U., Clavien, P. A., Klintmalm, G., Otto, G., Pollard, S., McCormick, P. A., Descalsi, V., Gadano, A., Villamil, A., Angus, P. & 82 others, Lynch, S., Balderson, G. A., Jeffreys, G., Chester, B., Steininger, R., de Hemptinne, B., Troisi, R., Zanotelli, M. L., Leonardi, L., Boin, I., Mies, S., Guardia, B. D., Lilly, L., Marotta, P., Wall, W., Peltekian, K., Roy, A., Marleau, D., Scudamore, C., Yoshida, M., Tchervenkov, J., Cantarovich, M., Boillot, O., Bernard, P., Calmus, Y., Conti, F., Cherqui, D., Duvoux, C., Ducerf, C., Maar, R., Gugenheim, J., Myx, A., Neau-Cransac, D., Mouette, K., Saliba, F., Rostaing, L., Kamar, N., Moench, C., O'Rourke, M., D'Amico, D., Varotti, G., Maffei-Faccioli, A., Gerunda, G., Merenda, R., Risaliti, A., Baccarani, U., Rossi, M., Berloco, P., Tanaka, K., Oike, F., Munn, S., Gane, E., Brekke, I., Boberg, K. M., Bernardos, A., Garcia, I., Cuervas, V., Moreno, J. M., Rimola, A., Cirera, I., Sanjuan, F., Prieto, M., Salcedo, M., Clemente, G., Ericson, B., Gjertsen, H., Herlenius, G., Kadry, Z., Mayer, D., Hayes, P., Davidson, J., Hodgson, J., Bynon, J. S., Davis, G., Ortiz, J., Manzarbeita, C., Mennon, R., Weisner, R. H., Wu, Y., Chensu, R. Y., Lake, J. R. & Humar, A., Oct 2006, In : Liver Transplantation. 12, 10, p. 1464-1472 9 p.

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Liver Transplantation
Hypoglycemic Agents
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12-Month Outcomes of Goniotomy Performed Using the Kahook Dual Blade Combined with Cataract Surgery in Eyes with Medically Treated Glaucoma

Dorairaj, S., Seibold, L. K., Radcliffe, N. M., Aref, A. A., Jimenez-Román, J., Lazcano-Gomez, G. S., Darlington, J. K., Mansouri, K. & Berdahl, J. P., Sep 1 2018, In : Advances in Therapy. 35, 9, p. 1460-1469 10 p.

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Open Access
Intraocular Pressure
Open Angle Glaucoma
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Open Access
Intraocular Pressure
Equipment and Supplies
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Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate
Yolk Sac
Embryonic Structures
Anniversaries and Special Events
Vasodilator Agents
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Veldhuis, J. D., May 6 1978, In : The Lancet. 311, 8071, p. 993-994 2 p.

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Iodine Radioisotopes
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13C-5-FU breath test current status and future directions: A comprehensive review

Ezzeldin, H. H., Acosta, E. P., Mattison, L. K., Fourie, J., Modak, A. & Diasio, R. B., 2009, In : Journal of Breath Research. 3, 4, 047002.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Breath Tests
Helicobacter pylori
Lactose Intolerance
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13C mannitol as a novel biomarker for measurement of intestinal permeability

Grover, M., Camilleri, M., Hines, J., Burton, D., Ryks, M., Wadhwa, A., Sundt, W., Dyer, R. & Singh, R. J., 2016, (Accepted/In press) In : Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

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Urine Specimen Collection
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13C NMR and fluorescence analysis of tryptophan dynamics in wild-type and two single-trp variants of Escherichia coli thioredoxin

Kemple, M. D., Yuan, P., Nollet, K. E., Fuchs, J. A., Silva, N. & Prendergast, F. G., 1994, In : Biophysical Journal. 66, 6, p. 2111-2126 16 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Escherichia coli
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13C NMR hyperfine couplings, T1 anisotropy, and Korringa relations in Rb2CsC60: Search for effects of strong correlation

Pennington, C. H., Stenger, V. A., Recchia, C. H., Hahm, C., Gorny, K., Nandor, V., Buffinger, D. R., Lee, S. M. & Ziebarth, R. P., 1996, In : Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 53, 6

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nuclear magnetic resonance
line shape
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13C-octanoic acid breath test: Valueless test for gastric emptying? [2]

Choi, M. G., Camilleri, M. & Zinsmeister, A. R., 1998, In : Gastroenterology. 114, 4 I, p. 857-858 2 p.

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Carbon Isotopes
Breath Tests
Gastric Emptying
Carbon Dioxide
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13Cα-NMR assignments of melittin in methanol and chemical shift correlations with secondary structure

Buckley, P., Edison, A. S., Kemple, M. D. & Prendergast, F. G., Nov 1993, In : Journal of Biomolecular NMR. 3, 6, p. 639-652 14 p.

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Chemical shift
Nuclear magnetic resonance
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Fatty Acids
Ethylene Oxide
Carnitine O-Palmitoyltransferase
Hairless Mouse
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14-3-3 proteins reduce cell-to-cell transfer and propagation of pathogenic α-synuclein

Wang, B., Underwood, R., Kamath, A., Britain, C., McFerrin, M. B., McLean, P. J., Volpicelli-Daley, L. A., Whitaker, R. H., Placzek, W. J., Becker, K., Ma, J. & Yacoubian, T. A., Sep 19 2018, In : Journal of Neuroscience. 38, 38, p. 8211-8232 22 p.

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14-3-3 Proteins
Transfer (Psychology)
Lab-On-A-Chip Devices
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147th ENMC International Workshop: Guideline on processing and evaluation of sural nerve biopsies, 15-17 December 2006, Naarden, The Netherlands

Sommer, C., Brandner, S., Dyck, P. J., Magy, L., Mellgren, S. I., Morbin, M., Schenone, A., Tan, E. & Weis, J., Jan 2008, In : Neuromuscular Disorders. 18, 1, p. 90-96 7 p.

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Cytological Techniques
Predictive Value of Tests
Sural Nerve
Peripheral Nervous System Diseases
Transmission Electron Microscopy
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148 Predictive Model for Return to Work After Elective Surgery for Lumbar Degenerative Disease: An Analysis From National Neurosurgery Quality Outcomes Database Registry

Asher, A. L., Chotai, S., Devin, C. J., Archer-Swygert, K., Parker, S. L., Bydon, M., Hui, N., Harrell, F., Speroff, T., Dittus, R., Philips, S., Shaffrey, C. I., Foley, K. T., McGirt, M. J. & N2QOD Investigator Group, Aug 1 2016, In : Neurosurgery. 63, 1 p.

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Return to Work

14-Hour shift schedule for medical ICU interns [2]

Afessa, B., Kolars, J. C. & Hubmayr, R. D., Dec 2006, In : Chest. 130, 6, p. 1947-1948 2 p.

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Work Schedule Tolerance
Interprofessional Relations
Personnel Staffing and Scheduling
Hospital Medical Staffs
Physician-Patient Relations
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14q32.3 deletion syndrome with autism [1]

Babovic-Vuksanovic, D., Merritt, J. L., Jalal, S. M. & Barbaresi, W. J., Feb 15 2005, In : American Journal of Medical Genetics. 133 A, 1, p. 99-100 2 p.

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Chromosome Banding
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 14
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 21
Chromosome Deletion
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14th International headache congress: Clinical highlights

Schwedt, T. J. & Silberstein, S. D., Mar 2010, In : Headache. 50, 3, p. 509-519 11 p.

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Migraine Disorders
Botulinum Toxins
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14th International headache congress: Basic science highlights

Schwedt, T. J. & Goadsby, P. J., Mar 2010, In : Headache. 50, 3, p. 520-526 7 p.

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Cortical Spreading Depression
Primary Headache Disorders
Cluster Headache

14-year-old boy with blurred vision and diplopia

Worrell, G. A., Mcbride, K. L. & Buchhalter, J. R., 1999, In : Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 74, 11, p. 1157-1160 4 p.

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150-μm Spatial Resolution Using Photon-Counting Detector Computed Tomography Technology: Technical Performance and First Patient Images

Leng, S., Rajendran, K., Gong, H., Zhou, W., Halaweish, A. F., Henning, A., Kappler, S., Baer, M., Fletcher, J. G. & McCollough, C. H., Nov 1 2018, In : Investigative Radiology. 53, 11, p. 655-662 8 p.

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Research Ethics Committees
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15-Hydroxy-eicosatetraenoic acid arrests growth of colorectal cancer cells via a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-dependent pathway

Chen, G. G., Xu, H., Lee, J. F. Y., Subramaniam, M., Leung, K. L., Wang, S. H., Chan, U. P. F. & Spelsberg, T. C., Dec 10 2003, In : International Journal of Cancer. 107, 5, p. 837-843 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Arachidonic Acids
Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acids
Hydroxy Acids
PPAR gamma
Colorectal Neoplasms

15th International Headache Congress: Basic science highlights

Cutrer, F. M. & Smith, J. H., May 2012, In : Headache. 52, 5, p. 851-858 8 p.

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15 - Tumors of Peripheral Nerve

Rodriguez, F. J., Giannini, C., Spinner, R. J. & Perry, A., Dec 7 2017, Practical Surgical Neuropathology: A Diagnostic Approach A Volume in the Pattern Recognition Series. Elsevier Inc., p. 323-373 51 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Peripheral Nervous System Neoplasms
Nerve Sheath Neoplasms
Polycomb Repressive Complex 2
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15-Year Experience with Surgical Treatment of Duodenal Carcinoma: A Comparison of Periampullary and Extra-Ampullary Duodenal Carcinomas

Onkendi, E. O., Boostrom, S. Y., Sarr, M. G., Farnell, M. B., Nagorney, D. M., Donohue, J. H., Kendrick, M. L., Reid-Lombardo, K. M., Harmsen, W. S. & Que, F., Apr 2012, In : Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. 16, 4, p. 682-691 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Lymph Nodes

16-year-old boy with new-onset hypertension and weight gain

Hafdahl, L., Patel, S. M. & Young, W. F., 2013, In : Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 88, 11, p. 1318-1322 5 p.

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Weight Gain
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
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Heat-Shock Proteins
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17p (p53) allelic losses, 4N (G2/tetraploid) populations, and progression to aneuploidy in Barrett's esophagus

Galipeau, P. C., Cowan, D. S., Sanchez, C. A., Barrett, M., Emond, M. J., Levine, D. S., Rabinovitch, P. S. & Reid, B. J., Jul 9 1996, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 93, 14, p. 7081-7084 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Barrett Esophagus
Loss of Heterozygosity
p53 Genes