Standardized drug and pharmacological class network construction

Qian Zhu, Guoqian Jiang, Liwei Wang, Christopher G. Chute

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Dozens of drug terminologies and resources capture the drug and/or drug class information, ranging from their coverage and adequacy of repre-sentation. No transformative ways are available to link them together in a standard way, which hinders data integration and data representation for drug-related clinical and translational studies. In this paper, we introduce our preliminary work for building a standardized drug and drug class net-work that integrates multiple drug terminological resources, using Anatom-ical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) and National Drug File Reference Ter-minology (NDF-RT) as network backbone, and expanding with RxNorm and Structured Product Label (SPL). In total, the network consists of 39,728 drugs and drug classes. Meanwhile, we calculated and compared structure similarity for each drug / drug class pair from ATC and NDF-RT, and analysed constructed drug class network from chemical structure per-spective.

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