Scleral penetration force requirements for commonly used intravitreal needles

Jose S Pulido, M. E. Zobitz, K. N. An

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Introduction: Repeated intraocular injections have become routine practice. It is important to determine how to make them as painless as possible. We wished to examine the force required to penetrate the sclera with different gauge needles. Methods: Recently enucleated eyes had 4 mm scleral punch biopsies performed. The scleral disks were mounted on a fixed load cell and either a new needle or a needle that had previously penetrated a rubber vial was attached to a linear stage and the maximum penetration force measured. Results: The 27-gauge needles required almost twice as much force to penetrate the sclera than either the 30- or the 31-gauge. In addition, the 30- and 31-gauge appeared to require similar force. In all cases, following vial perforation, there was an increase in the amount of force required to penetrate the sclera. The amount of force was variable Discussion: Smaller gauge needles require less force to penetrate the sclera and needles that have been used to penetrate rubber vials require more force.

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StatePublished - Sep 2007


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