Obesity Management Education Needs Among General Internists: A Survey

Sanjeev Nanda, Jayanth Adusumalli, Ryan T. Hurt, Karthik Ghosh, Karen M. Fischer, Martha C. Hagenbrock, Ravindra Ganesh, Basem M. Ratrout, David Raslau, Darrell R. Schroeder, Elizabeth C. Wight, Carol L. Kuhle, Lori A. Thicke, Natalia Lazik, Ivana T. Croghan

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Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine self-reported knowledge, attitudes, prior experience, and perceived needs for the management of overweight and obese patients within a General Internal Medicine Practice. Patients and Methods: An emailed cross-sectional survey was sent between June 20, 2019 and September 12, 2019 to 194 healthcare workers (93 primary care providers (PCPs) and 101 nurses) which focused on management of patients with weight issues. Results: In total, 80 of the eligible 194 participants completed the survey (nurses = 42, PCPs = 38). Up to 87% were white, 74.7% female (74.7%). Most of the responders were either in the age group of 30’s (30%) or 50’s (30%). Among the responders, 48.8% reported some type of specialty training in weight management since their medical training with lectures being the most common form of training (36%). When asked about their interest in either weight management training or strategies to initiate weight conversations, 79% of the respondents reported an interest in education on weight management or strategies to initiate weight conversations, while 65.8% indicated they would be interested in both topics. Conclusion: Our study suggests that healthcare workers have a self-reported need for further training in management of overweight and obese patients, irrespective of previous training in this area.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Primary Care and Community Health
StatePublished - 2021


  • education
  • health care
  • obesity
  • primary care
  • providers

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