Neural image thresholding with SIFT-Controlled gabor features

Ahmed A. Othman, Hamid R. Tizhoosh

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Image thresholding is a very important phase in the image analysis process. In all traditional segmentation schemes, statically calculated thresholds or initial points are used to binarize images. Because of the differences in images characteristics, these techniques may generate high segmentation accuracy for some images and low accuracy for other images. Intelligent segmentation by "dynamic "determination of thresholds based on image properties may be a more robust solution. In this paper, we use the Gabor filter to generate features from regions of interest (ROIs) detected by the the SIFT technique (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform). These features are used to train a neural network for the task of image thresholding. The average of segmentation accuracies for a set of test images is calculated by comparing every segmented image with its gold standard image marked by human experts.

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