Growth hormone and drug metabolism. Acute effects on microsomal mixed-function oxidase activities in rat liver.

J. T. Wilson, T. C. Spelsberg

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Adult male rats were subjected either to sham operation or to hypophysectomy and adrenalectomy and maintained for a total of 10 days before treatment with growth hormone. Results of the early effects of growth hormone on the activities of the mixed-function oxidases in rat liver over a 96h period after growth-hormone treatment are presented. 2. Hypophysectomy and adrenalectomy result in decreased body and liver weight and decreased drug metabolism (mixed-function oxidases). Concentrations of electron-transport-system components are also decreased. 3. In the hypophysectomized/adrenalectomized rats, growth hormone decreases the activities of the liver mixed-function oxidases and the cytochrome P-450 and cytochrome c reductases, as well as decreasing the concentration of cytochrome P-450 compared with that of control rats. Similar but less dramatic results are obtained with sham-operated rats. 4. It is concluded that whereas growth hormone enhances liver growth, including induction of many enzyme activities, it results in a decrease in mixed-function oxidase activity. Apparently, mixed-function oxidase activity decreases in liver when growth (mitogenesis) increases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalThe Biochemical journal
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 15 1976


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