Frequent occurrence of cytogenetic abnormalities in sporadic nonmedullary thyroid carcinoma

Robert Brian Jenkins, Ian D Hay, J. F. Herath, C. G. Schultz, J. L. Spurbeck, C. S. Grant, J. R. Goellner, G. W. Dewald

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Cytogenetic studies may provide important clues to the molecular pathogenesis of thyroid neoplasia. Thus, the authors attempted cytogenetic studies on 12 thyroid carcinomas: seven papillary, three follicular, and two anaplastic. Successful cytogenetic results were obtained on all 12 tumors; nine (75%) had one or more chromosomally abnormal clones. Four of the papillary carcinomas had a simple clonal karyotype, and three had no apparent chromosome abnormality. All four abnormal papillary tumors contained an anomaly of a chromosome 10q arm. In one instance, an inv(10)(q11.2q21.2) was observed in a Grade 2 papillary carcinoma as the sole acquired abnormality. In another case, an inversion or insertion involving 10q21.2 was found in a Grade 1 papillary tumor. The karyotype of a third tumor, a Grade 1 papillary carcinoma, was 46,XX,der(5)t(5;10)(p15.3;q11),der(9)t(9;?)(q11;?). A fourth abnormal papillary carcinoma, a Grade 1 tumor, had a t(6;10)(q21;q26.1) as the sole abnormality. Each of the five follicular or anaplastic carcinomas had a complex clonal karyotype. The three follicular carcinomas contained an abnormality of 3p25-p21, along with several other chromosome abnormalities.

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Issue number6
StatePublished - 1990


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Jenkins, R. B., Hay, I. D., Herath, J. F., Schultz, C. G., Spurbeck, J. L., Grant, C. S., Goellner, J. R., & Dewald, G. W. (1990). Frequent occurrence of cytogenetic abnormalities in sporadic nonmedullary thyroid carcinoma. Cancer, 66(6), 1213-1220.