Early onset epilepsy is associated with increased mortality: A population-based study

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We examined mortality in early onset (age < 12 months) epilepsy in a population-based group of children. Children with early onset epilepsy were significantly more likely to die (case fatality, CF 8/60 versus 8/407, p < 0.001; mortality rate, MR 14.5/1000 versus 2/1000 person years; standardized mortality ratio, SMR 22.25 versus 5.67). Mortality was greater in children with malignant neonatal (age < 1 month) epilepsy (CF 4/12 versus 12/450, p < 0.001; MR 54/1000 person years versus 2.7/1000 person year; SMR 46.55 versus 7.22). Given that only 1/8 early onset epilepsy deaths was seizure-related, mortality appears to be more affected by underlying etiology.

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  • Early onset epilepsy
  • Mortality
  • Neonatal onset epilepsy
  • Pediatric epilepsy

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