Duplication cyst

John Barlow

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Imaging description A smoothly marginated, low-attenuation mass adjacent to the esophagus that does not enhance with intravenous contrast material is typically an esophageal duplication cyst (Figures 36.1 and 36.2). Sometimes the contents of these cysts are of intermediate or high density (Figure 36.3), making them more difficult to distinguish from solid masses [1]. Pre- and post-contrast-enhanced CT may be helpful to distinguish an intermediate density cyst from a solid mass. In cases that are indeterminate by CT, endoscopic ultrasound is the most direct means of distinguishing between solid and cystic masses of the esophageal wall [2, 3]. Importance Esophageal duplication cysts are foregut malformation cysts. They are benign. The majority of duplication cysts are diagnosed in children.

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Title of host publicationPearls and Pitfalls in Thoracic Imaging
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2011

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