Chronic intracranial EEG monitoring for localizing the epileptogenic zone: An electroclinical correlation

Y. Schiller, G. D. Cascino, F. W. Sharbrough

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Purpose: To evaluate the diagnostic yield and identify predictive factors of the surgical outcome in patients with intractable partial epilepsy undergoing chronic intracranial EEG monitoring (CIEM). Methods: The clinical, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electrophysiologic data of 108 patients that underwent CIEM were retrospectively reviewed. The discharge pattern and spatial extent of the initial ictal discharge were determined by blinded visual inspection and computerized analysis. Results: The main predictive indicator for epilepsy surgery outcome in patients that underwent CIEM was the presurgical MRI findings. Most patients with hippocampal atrophy or complete lesionectomy were rendered seizure free after epilepsy surgery (83 and 80%, respectively), whereas only a small minority of patients with partial lesionectomy or no detected MRI lesion had seizure-free operative outcomes (21 and 22%, respectively). Multifocal independent initiation of the initial ictal discharge was associated with a poor surgical outcome. In contrast, the pattern and local spatial extent of the initial ictal discharge observed with CIEM failed to predict the surgical outcome. Conclusions: The main predictor of the surgical outcome in patients that underwent CIEM was the MRI findings, whereas CIEM had only limited use in localizing the epileptogenic zone in the absence of an MRI lesion. The reported findings indicate a low specificity of CIEM in defining the site of seizure onset, which in turn significantly impairs the reliability of CIEM in delineating the epileptogenic zone for epilepsy surgery. Further studies are required to define the indications and patient subpopulations who can benefit from CIEM before epilepsy surgery.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1998



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