Characterisation of Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X, Lynch syndrome, and non-familial colorectal cancer

S. Shiovitz, W. K. Copeland, M. N. Passarelli, A. N. Burnett-Hartman, W. M. Grady, J. D. Potter, S. Gallinger, D. D. Buchanan, C. Rosty, A. K. Win, M. Jenkins, S. N. Thibodeau, R. Haile, J. A. Baron, L. L. Marchand, P. A. Newcomb, N. M. Lindor

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Background: Familial Colorectal Cancer Type X (FCCTX) is defined as individuals with colorectal cancer (CRC) who families meet Amsterdam Criteria-1 (AC1), but whose tumours are DNA-mismatch-repair-proficient, unlike Lynch syndrome (LS). FCCTX does not have an increased risk of extra-colonic cancers. This analysis compares epidemiologic and clinicopathologic features among FCCTX, LS, and 'non-familial' (non-AC1) CRC cases.Methods:From the Colon Cancer Family Registry, FCCTX (n=173), LS (n=303), and non-AC1 (n=9603) CRC cases were identified. Questionnaire-based epidemiologic information and CRC pathologic features were compared across case groups using polytomous logistic regression.Results:Compared with LS, FCCTX cases were less likely to be current (vs never) smokers; have a proximal subsite (vs rectal) tumour; or have mucinous histology, poor differentiation, or tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes. There were no observed differences in co-morbidities or medication usage.Conclusions:FCCTX were less likely to be current tobacco users; other exposures were similar between these groups. Histopathologic differences highly suggestive of LS CRCs do not appear to be shared by FCCTX.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)598-602
Number of pages5
JournalBritish journal of cancer
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 29 2014

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