Breast reconstruction after solid organ transplant

Stephanie L. Koonce, Brian Giles, Sarah A. Mclaughlin, Galen Perdikis, James Waldorf, Valerie Lemaine, Sarvam Terkonda

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Background Solid organ transplant patients frequently develop posttransplant malignancies including breast cancer. They may desire breast reconstruction after mastectomy, which could potentially be complicated by their transplant status, immunosuppressive regimen, and previous operations. We review our experience with patients who have undergone solid organ transplant and subsequent breast reconstruction after mastectomy Methods After institutional review board approval, we queried our prospective breast reconstruction and solid organ transplant databases for corresponding patients. Inclusion criteria comprised breast reconstruction after solid organ transplant. A chart review was conducted of identified patients. Results Seventeen patients were identified: 1 pulmonary transplant, 4 cardiac transplants, 2 liver transplants, 1 pancreas transplant, 2 combined kidney/pancreas transplants, and 7 kidney transplants. Indications for mastectomy included posttransplant malignancy and prophylaxis. Median time from transplant to completion of reconstruction was 186 months (range, 11-336 months). Median age at transplant was 34.5 years (range, 21-65 years) with the median age of the patients at reconstructive surgery 51.5 years (range, 34-71 years). Median body mass index was 25.3 (range, 21.3-46.5). No significant complications were noted after reconstructive surgery. All patients were on full immunosuppression at time of reconstruction. Conclusions Breast reconstruction is a viable option for transplant patients after mastectomy and should not be refused based on their transplant status. Close coordination with the transplant team and careful preoperative planning is essential for optimal outcomes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)343-347
Number of pages5
JournalAnnals of plastic surgery
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 22 2015


  • breast reconstruction
  • posttransplant malignancy

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    Koonce, S. L., Giles, B., Mclaughlin, S. A., Perdikis, G., Waldorf, J., Lemaine, V., & Terkonda, S. (2015). Breast reconstruction after solid organ transplant. Annals of plastic surgery, 75(3), 343-347.