Baveno VII – Renewing consensus in portal hypertension

Baveno VII Faculty

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To expand on the work of previous meetings, a virtual Baveno VII workshop was organised for October 2021. Among patients with compensated cirrhosis or compensated advanced chronic liver disease (cACLD – defined at the Baveno VI conference), the presence or absence of clinically significant portal hypertension (CSPH) is associated with differing outcomes, including risk of death, and different diagnostic and therapeutic needs. Accordingly, the Baveno VII workshop was entitled “Personalized Care for Portal Hypertension”. The main fields of discussion were the relevance and indications for measuring the hepatic venous pressure gradient as a gold standard, the use of non-invasive tools for the diagnosis of cACLD and CSPH, the impact of aetiological and non-aetiological therapies on the course of cirrhosis, the prevention of the first episode of decompensation, the management of an acute bleeding episode, the prevention of further decompensation, as well as the diagnosis and management of splanchnic vein thrombosis and other vascular disorders of the liver. For each of these 9 topics, a thorough review of the medical literature was performed, and a series of consensus statements/recommendations were discussed and agreed upon. A summary of the most important conclusions/recommendations derived from the workshop is reported here. The statements are classified as unchanged, changed, and new in relation to Baveno VI.

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