Appendix: Practical Clinical Stroke Scales

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This appendix to Practical Clinical Stroke Scales aims to provide the reader with validated and commonly utilized clinical stroke scales and their scoring paradigms in an easy-to-access format and location. Scales used to measure stroke severity, functional status, and stroke-related disability are included. First, the appendix provides clinical severity scores commonly used after hemorrhagic stroke and a clinical scale for risk stratification after atrial fibrillation. Next, it summarizes eligibility criteria for intravenous rt-PA from 0-3 hours and 3-4.5 hours. Finally, this appendix includes an internet link to a complete listing of acute stroke clinical trials with status updates.

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StatePublished - May 8 2013


  • Clinical risk stratification scores
  • Clinical stroke scales
  • Hemorrhagic stroke severity scales
  • Intravenous rt-PA

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