A shell program for the design of PCR primers using genetics computer group (GCG) software (7.1) on VAX/VMS(TM) systems

N. L. Eberhardt

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A number of software analysis packages for the design of PCR primers are available for PCs; however, software for users that depend on VAX/VMS(TM) operating systems is not available. By treating oligonucleotides as RNA molecules, I have designed an alternative means toward studying oligonucleotide interactions using software that is currently available from The Genetics Computer Group (GCG, Madison, WI). The oligonucleotide interactions with self and non-self are analyzed by the GCG FOLD program, a program which finds a secondary structure of minimum free energy for an RNA molecule. This approach allows the identification of self-priming primer pairs, and the interaction energies provide a guideline for the prediction of optimal PCR primers.

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StatePublished - 1992


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