A phosphotyrosine switch regulates organic cation transporters

Jason A. Sprowl, Su Sien Ong, Alice A. Gibson, Shuiying Hu, Guoqing Du, Wenwei Lin, Lie Li, Shashank Bharill, Rachel A. Ness, Adrian Stecula, Steven M. Offer, Robert B. Diasio, Anne T. Nies, Matthias Schwab, Guido Cavaletti, Eberhard Schlatter, Giuliano Ciarimboli, Jan H.M. Schellens, Ehud Y. Isacoff, Andrej SaliTaosheng Chen, Sharyn D. Baker, Alex Sparreboom, Navjotsingh Pabla

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

58 Scopus citations


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