TrAstuzumab Cardiomyopathy Therapeutic Intervention with Carvedilol (TACTIC) Trial

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PROJECT NARRATIVE Breast cancer patients undergoing trastuzumab treatment are at risk of heart function decline or heart failure symptoms, but it is unknown if, when, and for how long cardiovascular protective strategies, e.g. with a beta- blocker, could help. This study randomly assigns those taking curative-intent trastuzumab to the beta-blocker carvedilol—either when significant heart function decline or subtle early signs of heart injury (either by elevation of a cardiac blood biomarker, i.e. cardiac troponin, or by an abnormal heart ultrasound marker, i.e. global longitudinal strain) are noted, or preventatively before beginning trastuzumab therapy. This study will further randomly assign those patients on carvedilol to either discontinuation at the end of trastuzumab therapy or continuation for another year, providing much needed clinical trial data on what the best strategy (“tactic”) for those at risk of cardiotoxicity with trastuzumab therapy is.
Effective start/end date3/1/192/28/23


  • National Cancer Institute: $1.00


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