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The long-running and successful IMSD at Mayo Graduate School (MGS) will maintain and advance its proven approaches to promoting the success of students from backgrounds historically underrepresented (UR) in careers that promote biomedical research. We propose renewed funding to achieve the following four specific aims: Aim 1: Recruit and matriculate 4/5 (alternating) new UR IMSD PhD students each year during grant years 22 ? 26 to participate in IMSD for the first 2 years of their PhD training (supporting 9 students per year). This tactic has the potential to assure at least 15% UR students in MGS entering classes Aim 2: Maintain an excellent, evaluated curriculum of independent research, communication skills training, near-peer mentoring, and social support. Achievement of PhD milestones such as passing qualifying exams, completion of PhD, publications, presentations, and fellowship awards will be monitored. Aim 3: Involve IMSD students in organizing a biennial Mayo-hosted IMSD/PREP scientific conference including IMSD recruitment outreach to pipeline undergrad/post-baccalaureate programs. Students lead in all aspects of conference organization and management developing leadership skills and promoting self-efficacy. Aim 4: Expose IMSD students to MGS Career Development Internships (CDI) during graduate school years 1-2. IMSD familiarizes students with biomedical research careers different from those of their mentors Our experience shows that the central focus for success is an excellent mentored PhD thesis research project. As Alex Ommaya, acting chief scientific officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges has stated, a key focus for the future must also be to ...ensure that graduate students are trained in skills such as communication, teaching, management, and teamwork... We completely agree, and these goals are reflected in the four specific aims of our renewal proposal. Aims 1-2 are based on experience gained from analysis of 21 years of IMSD programming at MGS and will sustain and improve the proven tactics that form the core impact of the MGS IMSD. Aims 3 and 4 bring creative and novel experiences to IMSD students, and are both based on extremely successful pilot programs, assuring them of success and high impact.
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