• Dickson, Dennis W (PI)
  • Lee, Sunhee (PI)
  • Hall, Charles (PI)
  • Verghese, J.O.E. (PI)
  • Lipton, R. (PI)
  • Sliwinski, Martin J. (PI)
  • Lee, Sunhee (PI)
  • Verghese, J.O.E. (PI)
  • Sliwinski, Martin J. (PI)
  • Marantz, Paul (PI)
  • Grober, Ellen (PI)
  • Cohen, Donna (PI)
  • Ritter, Walter (PI)
  • Hamerman, David (PI)
  • Golden, Robert (PI)
  • Katzman, Robert (PI)
  • Wolfson, Leslie (PI)
  • Crystal, Howard (PI)
  • Buschke, Herman (PI)
  • Lipton, R. (PI)
  • Crystal, Howard (PI)
  • Buschke, Herman (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This proposal requests support to continue the Teaching Nursing Home (TNH),
a multidisciplinary program project entering its tenth consecutive year of
funding. This TNH grant represents a further coordination of resources
relating to research on health problems of the aged in the nursing home and
in the community, and crosses institutional and disciplinary lines.
Participating organizations include: the Albert Einstein College of
Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, the four associated long term care
facilities, and College of Mount Saint Vincent School of Nursing. Six
research protocols are organized around a service core, which includes a
shared database, shared data management and analysis, and shared pathology
resources. Of the six component research projects three are current:
dementia, age-associated memory impairment, and congestive heart failure;
three are new: exercise, a community survey, and event-related potentials.
the core populations from which these projects will derive their subjects
consist of individuals within the TNH system itself, those from the
community enrolled in an earlier balance and gait study, and the Bronx
Aging Study. A new source of community subjects will be the Norwood-
Montefiore Aging Study. These core populations will provide an interactive
group for the study of prevalent aging health issues: (a) dementia
(projects 1,2,5): the vascular contribution compared to traditional
Alzheimer's disease, detection of early dementia, and role of evoked
potentials; (b) diastolic cardiac dysfunction (project 3): its relationship
to congestive heart failure; (c) aging in community dwellers (project 4):
factors affecting transitions in life events; (d) exercise in the very old
(project 6): evaluating cardiac stress testing for entry into an exercise
program in the nursing home. Insights gained from fundamental research and
clinical studies on these major health issues could modify geriatric
practices and improve quality of life in the very old.
Effective start/end date9/29/825/31/21


  • Medicine(all)