Targeted Prevention of Postpartum-Related Breast Cancer (PRBC)

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PROJECT NARRATIVE This proposal would substantially expand our understanding of postpartum-related breast cancers (PRBCs) by: 1) defining proliferative and immune effects associated with pregnancy and healthy postpartum involution (PPI) after weaning; 2) assessing how breast cancer risk factors affect the intensity of inflammation associated with PPI, thereby identifying potential candidates for prevention; 3) defining an immune biomarker panel (i.e., PRBC Immune Score) that distinguishes inflammation associated with development of PRBCs from healthy PPI and 4) testing whether aspirin can reduce inflammatory changes in the breast linked to development of PRBCs (i.e., lower PRBC Immune Score). Further, by assessing the correlation of epidemiologic risk factors and inflammatory markers in blood and urine with changes in inflammation in breast tissues associated with a trial of aspirin, we aim to identify characteristics of women who may respond favorably to an anti-inflammatory PRBC preventive intervention. Thus, the knowledge gained from the three synergistic aims proposed in this application may help identify women at increased risk of PRBCs and identify candidates for short-term, well- tolerated preventive interventions with anti-inflammatory or immune agents.
Effective start/end date2/1/221/31/23


  • National Cancer Institute: $627,061.00


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