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We are requesting support for an international symposium on "Respiratory
Muscles and Their Neuromotor Control" to be held at the UCLA Conference
Center during July 1986. The program of this symposium has been officially
ratified as a satellite meeting of the triennial congress of the
International Union of Physiological Sciences to be held in Vancouver,
British Columbia.

This Symposium has three major aims:

1) To bring together researchers who are using various approaches to study
the neural control of breathing muscles.

2) To critically review recent advances in the major areas of respiratory
neuromotor control.

3) To define important areas for future research and to encourage increased
collaboration between the diverse research approaches used to study
respiratory muscles and their neuromotor control.

No previous symposium has focused on the neuromotor control of breathing
muscles. An understanding of this neural control is important since many
diseases can affect the control of ventilatory muscles at various levels.
Therefore, the proposed symposium is timely and should provide an important
forum for basic researchers and clinicians to interact and share
Effective start/end date7/1/866/30/87


  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute


  • Medicine(all)


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