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The goal of this study is to perform force and stability assessment of the
elbow joint. The goal will be accomplished by integrating the results from
three closely related studies. Muscle Force and Combined Joint Force will be calculated using an analytic
model for ideal loading conditions, as well as activities of daily living.
Elbow joint configuration and loading conditions on the forearm of normal
subjects during these activities will be measured and this information used
as input for force calculation. We propose to complete verification of
force results of normal subjects involved in activities of daily living
using electromyography. Restraining Functions of Capsules and Ligaments will be obtained using an
analytical model based on locations of origin and insertion and material
properties of ligaments. Experimental results from stiffness tests under
controlled displacements using a material testing machine will be used to
provide data and verification of the analytical model. Force on Articular Surfaces will be determined under a wide variety of
conditions using an analytic model based on the geometry of the articular
surface and ligamentous constraints. Furthermore, pressure distribution on
these contact areas will be calculated using the rigid body-spring model
analysis. Experimentally, the location of contact area will be determined
using silicone casting. Ultimately, this project should provide essential information about elbow
biomechanics which can be applied to controversial and unsolved clinical
problems: 1) clinical setting in which the radial head or olecranon may be
safely excised; 2) anatomical and mechanical features of the diseased joint
that dictate the proper selection of a resurfacing or semiconstrained joint
replacement device; and 3) relative contribution of the articulation and
soft tissues to the mechanism of the most common complication of elbow
injury--joint contracture.
Effective start/end date12/1/796/30/88


  • National Institutes of Health


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