Research Planning Grant: Development and Validation of an Isokinetic Wrist Dynamometer

  • Hallbeck, M. Susan (PI)

Project: Research project

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9311138 Hallbeck Cumulative trauma disorders (CTD) of the wrist are a common and costly problem in industry. High force exertions and repetition coupled and awkward wrist and hand postures are believed to lead to CTD. The levels of these factors and interactions among them are currently unknown. Additionally, most of the research done to date, has focused on static forces. An isokinetic dynamometer for flexion and extension of the wrist must be designed, constructed, and validated to evaluate the main factors of force repetition and posture on fatigue or endurance and link them to CTD in workers. The isokinetic dynamometer must be developed such that force (torque), velocity (repetition), and range of motion (awkward posture) can be controlled with a personal computer for reproducibility of the exertion. Measurement and recording of the dependent variables for either force, torque, endurance, or fatigue will also be performed via computer. Completion of this phase of the project will permit future novel research on the effects of independent variables such as hand/handle coupling, glove type, wrist posture, ambient (hand) temperature, subject gender, and subject age on dependent variables such as force, torque, endurance, or fatigue. These tasks require that equipment not in existence be developed and testing protocols for this equipment formulated. The development of the equipment and testing protocols require time and planning which are the intent of this research planning grant. ***

Effective start/end date10/1/939/30/96


  • National Science Foundation: $18,000.00


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