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DESCRIPTION (Adapted From The Applicant's Abstract): The aims are threefold: to
complete the formal Mayo Foundation clinical research training program; to
translate these principles into two clinical trials assessing neuromuscular
function in two of the motor neuron diseases; and finally to develop a
comprehensive assessment of neuromuscular function to apply to the normal aging

The Mayo Foundation has a strong tradition of conducting clinical research.
Mayo's history of training clinician investigators has employed a
mentor-focused model supplemented with basic course-work in epidemiology or
biostatistics. Recently Mayo Foundation was awarded a K30 training grant,
providing comprehensive training in clinical research to augment the
mentor-focused model. This model allows for Mayo to continue its outstanding
tradition of training clinical investigators by maintaining the role of mentor
guided development of junior faculty.

The clinical trials will study quantitative neuromuscular function
longitudinally in a cohort of patients with prior paralytic poliomyelitis and
in ALS. Completing these assessments may allow improvement in clinical trial
design to study neuromuscular function in the normal and pathological state.
This is critically important for trials in uncommon neuromuscular diseases,
which necessitate large multi-centered studies. The applicants will development
a battery of tests that allow comprehensive assessment of neuromuscular
function that can be applied to neuromuscular diseases and to normal aging.
Using these techniques, neuromuscular function with normal aging and its
contribution to morbidity and mortality in the elderly can be studied. This
will become increasingly important as our population ages, increasing demands
for medical and social resources.
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