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PROJECT SUMMARY / ABSTRACT In his State of the Union address on January 20, 2015, President Obama announced his intention tolaunch the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). The goal of the PMI Cohort Program is to enroll one millionvolunteers into a national cohort that broadly reflects the diversity of the U.S. population and accelerateprogress toward a new era of precision medicine on a larger scale than previously possible. The objective ofthis proposal is to utilize the full resources available through the Mayo Clinic Biorepositories Program andMayo Medical Laboratories to efficiently and cost effectively support the activities of the PMI Cohort Programwith respect to the Biobank, namely, biospecimen collection, kit assembly, biospecimen accessioning, tracking,processing, quality assurance, storage, and distribution. Mayo Medical Laboratories, the third largest referencelaboratory in the United States, will enable efficient specimen transportation, routing, and informationmanagement between PMI collection sites and the Mayo Clinic Biobank. The aims of this proposal are to: (1)To provide collection kits and leverage existing sample shipment logistics to ensure specimens arrive at MayoClinic Rochester in the most expedient, efficient, and safe manner possible, in accordance with all federal andstate regulations; (2) Scale up existing state-of-the-art laboratory automation and robotics to process, label,and store biospecimens, using established protocols compliant with laboratory best practices for all steps ofspecimen handling; (3) Use our high-quality, robust, and secure research laboratory information managementsystem (RLIMS) for detailed tracking of sample receipt, processing, storage, retrieval, and distribution, whileprotecting participant confidentiality; (4) Apply our comprehensive Quality Management Program to ensure allwork carried out is of the highest quality, and safeguard the collection with robust back-up systems and plansfor disaster recovery; and (5) Work closely with the Coordinating Center, Collection Sites, and all other PMICohort Program Steering Committee Members to share biobanking expertise, infrastructure, and data tofurther the goals of the PMI. Overall, the Mayo Clinic Biorepositories Program laboratories combined withMayo Medical Laboratories provide an unparalleled ability to collect, accession, process, distribute, store, andmanage virtually any type of biospecimen on behalf of the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program.
Effective start/end date6/1/165/31/21


  • National Institutes of Health: $28,241,165.00

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