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There is a tremendous need for the development of and dissemination of
culturally competent cancer education materials for use in American
Indian/Alaska Native communities.

This proposal would initiate the function of The American Indian/Alaska
Native Cancer Resources Center as part of the Mayo Comprehensive Cancer

1. Provide information on current and prior cancer prevention and
control research among American Indian and Alaska Native communities
through the U.S. 2. Maintain and distribute culturally appropriate
educational materials designed for community cancer education,
recruitment into clinical trials, and cancer prevention intervention
programs in American Indian and Alaska Native populations. 3. Maintain
additional information on resources pertinent to cancer prevention and
control research in Native communities such as a speaker's bureau,
support groups, tribal resolutions, grant cycle information and
foundation resources for pilot projects. 4. Develop an interactive
Internet site for immediate dissemination of new data and resources.
5. Maintain an active dialogue with Native American organizations,
advocacy groups, and extramural investigators.

This project is needed to educate individuals, communities, tribal
organization, national organization, and professional researchers about
cancer prevention and control information available and to stimulate the
development of future resources and projects which are culturally
specific and appropriate for American Indian and Alaska Native
communities. Process and outcome evaluation strategies will be
implemented to determine the effectiveness of the Center.
StatusNot started