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DESCRIPTION (Investigator's Abstract): This project is designed to
assess the utility of serial magnetic resonance (MR)-based volumetric
measurements of the anterior temporal lobe (ATL) and hippocampal
formation (HF) in aiding in the clinical diagnosis of dementia of the
Alzheimer's type (DAT). This project will use MR volumes to provide
predictive information on patients with a mild cognitive impairment as
to which patients will progress to DAT and which will remain cognitively
stable. Our previous work has shown that this MR-based volume measurement
technique is useful in differentiating between DAT and normal controls;
however, a single scan on patients in the mild cognitive impairment group
is less definitive.

We will draw upon previously funded projects to provide appropriately
characterized patients for this project. The Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's
Disease Patient Registry and the Alzheimer's Disease Center will provide
the mechanism for recruitment, evaluation, and longitudinal assessment
of patients and controls. An additional ongoing project funded by the
NINDS will provide initial baseline MR scans on the patients and
controls. Thus, the present application proposes to perform serial MR
scans on three groups of individuals, DAT, mild cognitive impairment, and
normal controls, to determine if volumetric changes in the ATL and HF
will improve discrimination among the groups. We will be particularly
interested in determining if volumetric changes of these structures help
to determine which patients in the mild cognitive impairment group will
ultimately progress to DAT and which patients will remain clinically
stable. We will also correlate changes in the volumes of the ATL and HF
with changes in clinical performance and cognitive function (particularly
memory) over the course of the study. This proposal represents a unique
opportunity at this point in time to maximally utilize existing resources
to address important issues regarding the role of MR volume try in
improving the early diagnosis of DAT.
Effective start/end date6/1/935/31/18


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