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The goal of this project is to continue the development of a center at
the University of Alabama (UAB) for brain tumor research which was
started in 1992 with the awarding of a Brain Tumor Program Project
Feasibility Grant. In this resubmission, the emphasis remains on studies
of the cellular and molecular biology of malignant glial tumors. The
revised Program consists of three laboratory-based Projects and an
Administrative Core, which will handle the management of the program and
facilitate interactions among group members. Project #1 (Dr. Etty N.
Benveniste, Project Leader) will investigate the effects of several
glioma-active cytokines on the expression of intercellular adhesion
molecule-1 (ICAM1). Studies will focus on the role of the cytokine
TGFbeta in suppressing ICAM-1 expression by gliomas, an effect which may
allow these tumors to escape immune surveillance. Project #2 (Dr. Candece
L. Gladson, Project Leader) will investigate the effects of platelet-
derived growth factor (PDGF) on the expression and activity of glioma-
derived, vitronectin-binding integrins. Studies will focus on the effects
of PDGF on vitronectin-binding, internalization, and degradation, and on
structure/function relationships of glioma-expressed integrins. Project
#3 (Dr. Steven S. Rosenfeld,Project Leader) will investigate the role of
myosin II in glioma invasiveness and angiogenesis. Biophysical and
pharmacologic studies will be utilized to design methods of specifically
interfering with myosin Ii function. These studies will give a clearer
understanding of how myosin II function is regulated and will define
parameters that may eventually be utilized in designing new, anti-
invasive and anti-angiogenesis therapies. Collaborative interactions
between each of the investigators, which were initiated by the awarding
of P20 NS 31096, will continue in this Program Project. Taken together,
these projects should lead to a better understanding of the cell biology
of malignant glial tumors.
StatusNot started