Molecular Basis of Young Onset Colorectal Cancer

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The Cancer Prevention, Control and
Population Sciences Career Development Award will provide an excellent
opportunity for me to learn the skills necessary to conduct high-quality
colerectal cancer prevention and control research. My proposed plan is
targeted toward expanding our basic understanding of the molecular mechanisms
underlying colerectal carcinogenesis, specifically within the young onset
population. I plan to collect and characterize the tumors of 200 participants
with young onset (less than 50 years of age) colerectal cancer (CRC) and 200
participants with older onset CRC. This particular segment of the CRC burden
is not well understood with the exception that 15 to 30 percent of these young
onset cases are known to be caused by defective DNA mismatch repair, having
the molecular phenotype of microsatellite instability Msi(H). I propose to
evaluate those young onset tumors that are microsatellite stable(MSS) with the
same technique that successfully established the ground work for the discovery
of at least three major tumor suppressor genes (p53, DCC, and APC) in CRC.
Family history, epidemiological and clinical data will be collected and this
cohort of participants will be followed longitudinally in order to determine
outcome. These clinical data will be correlated with the results of the
molecular information ascertained from the tumors of both the young and older
onset cases, in order to develop useful algoritluns for patient management and
to detect genetic events that may influence prognostication, early detection
and prevention as well as treatment strategies. These studies should provide
meaningful scientific data, while simultaneously affording me a broad exposure
to and considerable experience with several important investigational tools.
To further enhance my career development, I plan to obtain didactic training
in areas relevant to cancer prevention research (including the responsible
conduct of research). Following achievement of these goals, I am confident
that I will be ready to continue my career as a successful independent
investigator committed to colerectal cancer prevention and control.
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