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DESCRIPTION (Adapted from the Investigator's Abstract): Multiple myeloma is
a universally fatal disease characterized by the accumulation of malignant
plasma cells in the bone marrow. Because of the ability of IL-6 to drive
myeloma cell proliferation, the investigator's previous studies focused on
the molecular changes that result in deregulation of tumor cell IL-6
expression. The study proposed in this application is based on two
hypotheses, 1) that overexpression of the IGF-I receptor is a crucial
component of the altered IL-6 responsiveness of myeloma cells; 2) that IL-6
stimulates myeloma cell IGF and IGF-I-R expression, thereby further
potentiating tumor cell growth. To test these hypotheses, the investigator
will 1) determine the mechanism by which anti-IGF-I-R mABs inhibit
IL-6-stimulated myeloma cell proliferation; 2) determine the role of IGF-I
receptor expression in IL-6-mediated myeloma cell growth; and 3) determine
the mechanism(s) underlying overexpression of the IGF-I receptor in myeloma
cells. Information obtained from these studies has the potential to provide
important insight into the genetic events that occur during tumor
progression in myeloma patients, and also may facilitate determination of
which patients are in need or more aggressive therapy.
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