INK-ER-Cre mice: a novel tool for uncovering how senescent cells cause age-related dysfunction

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Senescent cells are old or damaged cells that have stopped dividing. Though they no longer behave like healthy cells, they continue to secrete proteins and enzymes into the body. Senescent cell secretions include proteins associated with inflammation in various tissues of the body. This inflammation is characteristic of many age-related diseases, such as dementia, depression, atherosclerosis, cancers and diabetes. Dr. Kirkland's research on mice in collaboration with Drs. Baker, Tchkonia, van Deursen, and others at Mayo has already shown that removing senescent cells has a dramatic effect. It delays deterioration of muscle tissue and strength, slows the accumulation of fat under the skin and even wards of cataracts. Dr. Kirkland and his team will use a new mouse model to test their hypothesis that preventing the release of senescent cell secretions may delay or even prevent some age-related dysfunction. If successful, their research could lead to the development of therapies targeted specifically at senescent cell activity.
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  • American Federation for Aging Research


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