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Sodium suramin is a promising chemotherapeutic agent with possible
efficacy against prostate and adrenal cancer. It is being used in
phase II trials for patients with advanced D2 cancer of the prostate
in a multicenter trial. One of the major adverse effects observed in
preliminary trials was a severe peripheral neuropathy. In the
studies proposed, patients entered into clinical trials of suramin
will be studied prospectively to identify the appearance of
peripheral nerve injury. Sensitive quantitative techniques
(Neuropathy Symptom Score, Neurologic Disability Score, Computer
Assisted Sensory Examination, Nerve Conduction Studies, Needle
Electromyography, and Quantitative Autonomic Examination) will be
used at baseline and at intervals during therapy. The
characteristics of the neuropathy in terms of fiber class loss and
fiber pathology (axonal degeneration versus demyelination) will be
determined by study of nerve biopsy. Weekly estimation of serum
suramin will allow correlation of development of neuropathy with
duration and level of exposure to the drug. This adverse effect will
be compared to tumor regression to determine if a therapeutic window
exists. Those patients developing neuropathy will be studied for 12
months following cessation of therapy to determine whether the
neuropathy is reversible.
Effective start/end date4/1/923/31/97


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