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The objective of the research described in this proposal is to develop an
accurate, reproducible and clinically useful method for precise
measurement of tumor volumes in order to effectively characterize their
change in response to anti-neoplastic treatment regimens. The method
will include registration of multi-modality and/or serially-acquired 3-D
volume images based on a new surface matching algorithm which is
accurate, robust, and fast. The method also features a new approach to
3-D volume segmentation based on multispectral and morphological
analysis, rather than traditional edge-strength methods. This
feature-space analysis has the advantages of relative immunity to "voxel
noise" and inherent incorporation of multi-modality data., The
multi-modal registration and feature-space segmentation algorithms will
be recursively combined into a single efficient process for reliable
tumor volume definition and measurement. The process will be carefully
tuned for optimal results with both MR and CT imaging, and will readily
facilitate automation. Careful, systematic validation studies will be carried out with realistic
simulations and phantoms. Post-mortem specimens containing actual brain
tumors will be studied to further validate the methods and to guide
determination of optimal 3-D MR and CT image acquisition protocols for
brain tumor volume measurement. Using these protocols, patients with two
types of CNS neoplasms (primary, non-Hodgkins CNS lymphoma and brain
metastasis from small cell carcinoma of the lung) will be enrolled
prospectively into a clinical study to evaluate the performance of the
method in assessment of tumor volume response to treatment and to
consider its implementation for routine clinical use. Combined with the multidisciplinary expertise and commitment to
collaboration of the co-investigators and the excellent facilities and
environment available to them at Mayo, high confidence is held for
development of an accurate and clinically useful method for tumor volume
measurement in response to treatment.
Effective start/end date4/1/9312/31/96


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