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In the Department of Otolaryngology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, clinical
investigations are carried out on patients with cochlear and vestibular
dysfunctions and a variety of pathological conditions involving the
different structures of the temporal bone. These investigations include an
oto-neurological examination, cochlear and vestibular function studies,
roentgenological investigations, and when indicated, additional diagnostic
studies. The roentgenological, medical, neurological and neurosurgical
examinations are performed by the respective services.

At autopsy the temporal bones are removed. These temporal bones are
subsequently prepared for microscopic examination in the Temporal Bone
Pathology Laboratory located in the Traylor Research Building of the Johns
Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The objectives of this research are to correlate clinical and
histopathological observations and thereby to increase knowledge about the
poorly understood mechanisms of certain disease processes involving the
cochlea and vestibular labyrinth and other structures of the human temporal

The selective collection of temporal bones from patients with diseases
involving the ear, who have been carefully studied, represents a valuable
approach which obviously will continue to add significant information to a
better understanding of the nature and the sequence of events in the
development of impairment of hearing and dysfunction of equilibrium. Once
the pathogenesis is better understood, prevention of a disease process
becomes a possibility.
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