Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program -- Yonas E. Geda, MD, MSc

  • Geda, Yonas Endale (PI)

Project: Research project

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The Foundation's Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program was designed to provide four-year postdoctoral research awards offered to historically disadvantaged physicians who are committed to developing careers in academic medicine, to improving the health of underserved populations, and to furthering the understanding and elimination of health disparities.This is a transfer grant of an earlier RWJF grant in support of Dr. Geda. The goals of the project are to launch a primary prevention feasibility study in which the independent variable is an innovative non-pharmacological intervention targeting emotions, cognitions and behavior; and the outcome of interest is improvement or no decline in executive function such as attention and processing speed as measured by a computerized battery. The study participants will be cognitively normal persons and subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), the transitional stage between aging and dementia. The grantee will also analyze and publish the data on neuropsychiatric symptoms, life style factors and the outcome of incident MCI among elderly subjects at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota. Further, Dr. Geda will analyze and publish the neuropsychiatric data and the outcome of incident MCI among African-American elderly persons at Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Effective start/end date2/15/127/14/13


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $130,761.00


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