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The broad objective of this application is to define the role of the
endothelium in the humoral regulation of the coronary circulation with
specific focus upon endothelin in human coronary atherosclerosis. Our
broad working hypothesis is that during the evolution of coronary
atherosclerosis the activity of the local coronary endothelin system is
enhanced and contributes to the endothelial dysfunction which
characterizes early and late atherosclerosis. To address our working
hypothesis, five specific aims are proposed: To determine the activity
of coronary endothelin in early and late atherosclerosis by evaluating
the relationship between coronary circulating and tissue endothelin
immunoreactivity, to determine if coronary endothelin is released and
associated with acetylcholine-mediated coronary endothelial dysfunction,
to determine the functional role of endogenous endothelin in regulation
of basal coronary vascular tone, to determine if chronic L-arginine
therapy modulates the activity of coronary endothelin, and to determine
if endothelin is a sensitive marker for coronary endothelial dysfunction.
Demonstration of our working hypothesis will enhance early diagnosis and
therapeutic strategies in delaying the progression of this important
clinical syndrome.
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