Effect of Validated Skills Simulation with the Miya Model on Operating Room Performance of Vaginal Hysterectomy

  • Miyazaki, Douglas D.W (PI)
  • Anderson, Bruce D. (CoPI)
  • Anderson, Bruce B.D (CoPI)
  • Grace Chen, Chi Chiung (CoPI)
  • Curlin, Howard (CoPI)
  • Matthews, Catherine C.A (CoPI)
  • Chen, Chi Chiung Grace C.C (CoPI)
  • Destephano, Christopher (CoPI)
  • Leclaire, Edgar E (CoPI)
  • Lockrow, Ernest E (CoPI)
  • Mourad, Jamal J (CoPI)
  • Kammire, Leslie (CoPI)
  • Landrum, Lisa (CoPI)
  • Lerner, Veronica (CoPI)
  • Mahnert, Nichole (CoPI)
  • Matthews, Catherine Ann (CoPI)
  • Miyazaki, Douglas W. (CoPI)
  • Mourad, Jamal (CoPI)
  • Nihira, Mikio (CoPI)
  • Lerner, Veronica V (CoPI)

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