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The purpose of this grant application is to support Mayo Clinic
membership in the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG). The goals
are directed toward a greater understanding of cancer, a better
understanding of cancer-related problems, development of improved cancer
treatment programs, and improved cancer-patient survival. Mayo Clinic
at its three campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Florida, and
Scottsdale, Arizona, has the resources, personnel, facilities, and
patient population to facilitate strong contributions to the research
programs of ECOG. With the continued growth and development of the Mayo
medical practice and continuing North Central Cancer Treatment Group
(NCCTG) activities, we would anticipate significant protocol entry and
scientific contribution. This ECOG affiliation and treatment programs
which have evolved provide major benefits to Mayo Clinic, its
investigators, regional cancer programs, and the large group of cancer
patients who are involved in these research activities. The specific
aims of this grant proposal are to support the following aspects of Mayo
Clinic ECOG research activities including:

1. Patient accrual to group-wide ECOG cancer treatment protocols

2. The evaluation of new protocol design and treatment regimens to
provide background clinical data to justify group wide ECOG Phase II and
III cancer treatment protocols

3. Coordination of and participation in adjunctive laboratory-based
correlative studies in association with ECOG cancer treatment protocols

4. Participation in disease-specific activities and such administrative
roles as might be appointed and appropriate.
Effective start/end date6/1/784/30/16


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