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DESCRIPTION (Adapted from the Investigator's Abstract): The Specific Aims
of the proposal are: 1) To dissect the role of PI3-K in the regulation of
signalling protein (MEK and MAPK) activation in hematopoietic cells using
constitutively active and dominant negative PI3-K mutants. 2) To
biochemically and genetically identify the novel MEK activator in the
wortmannin-sensitive, IL-3-inducible MEK activation pathway. 3) To
determine the roles of MEK and MAPK and upstream regulators in hematopoietic
cell proliferation and survival using transient and long-term proliferation
assays. These studies are designed to characterize a discreet
wortmannin-sensitive MAPK activation pathway that based on preliminary data
may have cell type-specific components. Once identified these components
will provide novel signal-transducing targets for pharmacological
intervention to block cytokine-dependent proliferation of leukemic and
normal myeloid lineage cells.
StatusNot started


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