• Petersen, Ronald Carl (PI)
  • Kurland, Leonard (PI)
  • Okazaki, Harou (PI)
  • Peterson, Ronald (PI)
  • Clifford, Jack (PI)
  • Tangalos, Eric George (PI)
  • Tangalos, Eric George (PI)
  • Tangalos, Eric George (PI)
  • Petersen, Ronald Carl (PI)

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The Clinical and Research Support Core is the focal point of much of the
activity of the Alzheimer's Center (ADC). This Core is responsible for the
recruitment and characterization of patients with AD and normal controls,
all the allocation of subjects to various research protects. The Core has
been successful assisting in the recruitment and evaluation of patients
from the community as well as from referral sources. An addition, an age-
and gender-matched control group has been recruited from the community.
These patients have been screened for a variety of research project
including epidemiology, neuroimaging, investigational drug trials,
neuropsychological studies, predictors of outcome studies, neuropathology
and apolipoprotein E studies.

The Clinical Core has also developed and administered two satellite
projects. The first satellite project was developed at Mayo Jacksonville.
It involved the recruitment and evaluation of minority and indigent
patients and the development of an autopsy program. Several
investigational drug studies have also been conducted in Jacksonville. The
second satellite project was unique insofar as it involved bringing
patients from Guam to the general Clinical Research Center of the Mayo
Clinic for an extensive clinical and laboratory evaluation. This project
related to Mayo's ongoing research interests in the neurodegenerative
diseases of Guam.

In the proposed grant period, we will continue to recruit patients from
community and referral sources. In addition, we are proposing an
augmentation strategy for the recruitment of patients from the oldest-old
(90-99 years) segment of the population. This strategy will allow us to
further pursue studies of the boundary between normal aging and early
dementia. The Jacksonville satellite will continue its recruitment efforts
of minority and indigent patients as well as continued enrollment for its
autopsy program. Since it was designed as a self-limited project which as
to not extend beyond the initial grant cycle of the ADC, the Guam satellite
project will be discontinued.

Finally, the Clinical and Research Support Core has developed a centralized
database for all of the clinical data from both Rochester and jacksonville.
Quality control procedures for data processing are in place, and during the
next grant period, we plan to expand the database capabilities to integrate
data from the Neuropathology and Neuroimaging Cores.
Effective start/end date9/15/904/30/00


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