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Our goal is to develop and evaluate better transducers for improving the
quality of ultrasonic biomedical images. Improved transducers will be
developed using new linear piezoelectric ceramic/polymer composite
materials and new nonlinear materials not previously evaluated for medical
ultrasound transducers.

This is a collaborative effort between a well established piezoelectric
ceramics producer, Honeywell, and a well established biomedical imaging
laboratory at Mayo Clinic. Honeywell will provide and characterize the
physical/acoustic properties of a wide range of new ceramic/polymer
composite transducer elements having attributes predictive of good
biomedical imaging. In addition, Honeywell will provide elements
fabricated from several nonlinear materials which may result in transducers
that will detect magnitude or power of received ultrasound energy.

The Mayo group, in collaboration with the Honeywell group, will assemble
the composite elements into concave disc and linear array transducers, and
will characterize their imaging responses, in terms of resolution cell size
and their sensitivities, in terms of transmit and receive characteristics
such as gain bandwidth product, transmit sensitivity factor, insertion loss
and quality factor using calibrated hydrophones. Relationships between the
transducer element physical/acoustic properties, the imaging properties,
and the sensitivity measurements will be developed and used to predict the
behavior of new transducers.

Successful completion of this project would result in 1) better and more
easily fabricated transducers for biomedical imaging and 2) nonlinear
transducers for measurement of magnitude or power of ultrasonic beams.
Effective start/end date1/1/876/30/01


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