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Specific rearrangements of human chromosome 3 have been
characteristically associated with malignant and developmental
disorders. Deletion of the chromosome 3p14-21 region is a
constant cytogenetic feature in spontaneous carcinoma of the
kidney and this same region is involved in hereditary renal
carcinoma due to a 3;8 translocation. This region is also part of a
larger deletion (3p14-23) characteristically associated with small
cell carcinoma of the lung. Chromosome 3p14.2 is also the
location of the most common constitutive fragile site which may
be involved in the pathogensis of some of these rearrangements.

We propose to construct precise restriction maps for two regions
within the larger deleted region. The first region is from 3p14.1-
p14.2 and the second is 3p21-p21.1. Using a chromosome 3p-
specific cosmid library we will isolate sufficient cosmids to
completely saturate these regions with at least 1 cosmid every
1000 kilobases. Unique sequence hybridization probes derived
from the cosmids will be localized using a panel of somatic cell
hybrids which define and span this region. Probes localized
between 3p14.1-3p14.2 and 3p21-p21.1 will also be analyzed to
find cosmids closest to several specific breakpoints. These will
then form the start-point for the eventual cloning and
characterization of these breakpoints. This work should facilitate
the isolation of the critical regions involved in the pathogenesis of
these diseases as well as setting the initiation the construction of
a complete restriction map of this dynamic region of the genome.
Effective start/end date8/1/887/31/02


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