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ABSTRACT ? CAREER ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM (CEP) The purpose of the Mayo Clinic SPORE in Ovarian Cancer is to stimulate, organize and facilitate rigorous translational research that will meaningfully reduce the burden of ovarian cancer. A critical part of this process is to increase the quality and depth of the translational investigator base in ovarian cancer. During Years 6-10 of funding, five individuals received Career Enhancement Program (CEP) awards and were supported with 1-2 years of funding (one awardee with 2 years of funding; four with 1 year of funding), mentoring teams, and full access to SPORE resources. Our awardees have been highly successful, with 39 peer-reviewed manuscripts published by Year 6-10 awardees and 3 have successfully secured subsequent funding. All five Year 6-10 awardees relied upon the Biostatisics and Bioinformatics Core (Core C), four awardees also partnered with the Biospecimens and Patient Registry (Core B), and three with the Animal Models Core (Core D). The ultimate objectives of the Career Enhancement Program (CEP) continue to be the identification and mentoring of new and developing investigators in ovarian cancer who demonstrate clear potential to become independent translational researchers as well as attracting established scientists who wish to refocus on ovarian cancer. The CEP provides up to $100,000 for one year of support ($50,000 from SPORE funds and a matching $50,000 from Mayo Clinic Cancer Center); a second year is possible based on progress and continued translational trajectory. Special emphasis is placed on attracting highly qualified individuals underrepresented in medicine, including women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. Identifying and selecting CEP awardees is accomplished through a rigorous review process, followed by intense mentoring, integration into ongoing SPORE activities and close oversight of each individual?s progress. In addition to a primary mentor, awardees have complementary mentors in clinical, basic or population sciences necessary to ensure development of a translational research career. This capitalizes on numerous strengths present within the Mayo environment. The CEP directorship reports to the Executive Committee of the Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer SPORE. During the next funding period, the Ovarian SPORE CEP will continue to maintain: (1) A stringent candidate selection system; (2) comprehensive trainee guidance by a primary mentor; (3) support through a scientific mentoring group (each awardee?s Individual Trainee Mentorship Committee) comprised of investigators with expertise in each awardee?s area of interest; and (4) full integration into the SPORE, including access to all scientific Cores. Mayo Clinic provides an exceptional environment for developing careers in translational research in ovarian cancer. The CEP allows us to identify, mentor, and support young investigators who will become future leaders in ovarian cancer research.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/22


  • National Cancer Institute: $73,935.00


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