Automated Synthesis of F-18 Fluorocholine

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant):
Improved imaging technologies are critically needed for noninvasive detection
of cancer. We have recently shown excellent imaging feasibility of prostate
cancer, breast cancer and brain tumors using F-1 8 labeled choline (FCH) and
positron emission tomography (PET). In order to minimize radiation exposure to
radiochemistry personnel and increase th; reliability of radiotracer
synthesis, it is proposed to develop an automated, microprocessor-controlled
synthesis module that converts cyclotron-produced [F-1E)]fluoride ion into FCH
in injectable form. The synthesis method must be optimized for maximal
radiochemical yield and tested for robustness under routine conditions. The
proposed work develops the concept of an automated FCH synthesis unit,
evaluates different component designs, fabricates a working prototype model,
and performs testing, optimization, and validation studies with the prototype
StatusNot started


  • National Cancer Institute: $109,109.00


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