Acquisition of Low Level Sound and Vibration Measurements System

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Instrumentation will be aquired that will enable the measurment of low level sound and vibration in response to micro force. The instrumentation consists of 4 main components: (1) an anechoic chamber, (2) a scanning laser vibrometer, (3) a dual channel compact fiber vibrometer, and (4) a de-aeration system. The anechoic chamber reduces the background noise and vibration. Presently, background noise is the main limiting factor in the newly developed imaging method called vibro-acoustography. The scanning laser vibrometer allows measurment of vibrations in angstrom range and determination of the spatial distribution of motion in response to a small point force. The dual-channel fiber vibrometer will be used to simultaneously measure vibration at two points of the object. Finally, the de-aeration system is necessary to provide clean and completely degassed water for water tank experiments.

Graduate students, research trainees and fellows, and senior investigators will use the above instrumentation. Addition of these equipment to will help to attract more qualified students in the Biomedical Imaging track.

Effective start/end date9/1/008/31/03


  • National Science Foundation: $245,462.00


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