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The impact of concurrent temozolomide with adjuvant radiation and IDH mutation status among patients with anaplastic astrocytoma

Kizilbash, S. H., Giannini, C., Voss, J. S., Decker, P. A., Jenkins, R. B., Hardie, J., Laack, N. N., Parney, I. F., Uhm, J. H. & Buckner, J. C., Sep 27 2014, In : Journal of neuro-oncology. 120, 1, p. 85-93 9 p.

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The IncRNAs PCGEM1 and PRNCR1 are not implicated in castration resistant prostate cancer

Prensner, J. R., Sahu, A., Iyer, M. K., Malik, R., Chandler, B., Asangani, I. A., Poliakov, A., Vergara, I. A., Alshalalfa, M., Jenkins, R. B., Davicioni, E., Feng, F. Y. & Chinnaiyan, A. M., 2014, In : Oncotarget. 5, 6, p. 1434-1438 5 p.

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The medical necessity of advanced molecular testing in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumor patients

Horbinski, C., Ligon, K. L., Brastianos, P., Huse, J. T., Venere, M., Chang, S., Buckner, J., Cloughesy, T., Jenkins, R. B., Giannini, C., Nabors, L. B., Wen, P. Y., Aldape, K. J., Lukas, R. V., Galanis, E., Eberhart, C. G., Brat, D. J. & Sarkaria, J. N., Dec 1 2019, In : Neuro-oncology. 21, 12, p. 1498-1508 11 p.

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The oestrogen receptor alpha-regulated lncRNA NEAT1 is a critical modulator of prostate cancer

Chakravarty, D., Sboner, A., Nair, S. S., Giannopoulou, E., Li, R., Hennig, S., Mosquera, J. M., Pauwels, J., Park, K., Kossai, M., Macdonald, T. Y., Fontugne, J., Erho, N., Vergara, I. A., Ghadessi, M., Davicioni, E., Jenkins, R. B., Palanisamy, N., Chen, Z., Nakagawa, S. & 6 others, Hirose, T., Bander, N. H., Beltran, H., Fox, A. H., Elemento, O. & Rubin, M. A., 2014, In : Nature communications. 5, 5383.

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The prognostic impact of histology and 1p/19q status in anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors

McDonald, J. M., See, S. J., Tremont, I. W., Colman, H., Gilbert, M. R., Groves, M., Burger, P. C., Louis, D. N., Giannini, C., Fuller, G., Passe, S., Blair, H., Jenkins, R. B., Yang, H., Ledoux, A., Aaron, J., Tipnis, U., Zhang, W., Hess, K. & Aldape, K., Oct 1 2005, In : Cancer. 104, 7, p. 1468-1477 10 p.

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Therapy-induced developmental reprogramming of prostate cancer cells and acquired therapy resistance

Nouri, M., Caradec, J., Lubik, A. A., Li, N., Hollier, B. G., Takhar, M., Altimirano-Dimas, M., Chen, M., Roshan-Moniri, M., Butler, M., Lehman, M., Bishop, J., Truong, S., Huang, S. C., Cochrane, D., Cox, M., Collins, C., Gleave, M., Erho, N., Alshalafa, M. & 7 others, Davicioni, E., Nelson, C., Gregory-Evans, S., Karnes, R. J., Jenkins, R. B., Klein, E. A. & Buttyan, R., 2017, In : Oncotarget. 8, 12, p. 18949-18967 19 p.

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TOP2A and EZH2 provide early detection of an aggressive prostate cancer subgroup

Labbé, D. P., Sweeney, C. J., Brown, M., Galbo, P., Rosario, S., Wadosky, K. M., Ku, S. Y., Sjöström, M., Alshalalfa, M., Erho, N., Davicioni, E., Karnes, R. J., Schaeffer, E. M., Jenkins, R. B., Den, R. B., Ross, A. E., Bowden, M., Huang, Y., Gray, K. P., Feng, F. Y. & 4 others, Spratt, D. E., Goodrich, D. W., Eng, K. H. & Ellis, L., Nov 15 2017, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 23, 22, p. 7072-7083 12 p.

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TP53 Gene Mutations and 17p Deletions in Human Astrocytomas

Chung, R., Whaley, J., Kley, N., Anderson, K., Louis, D., Menon, A., Hettlich, C., Freiman, R., Hedley‐Whyte, E. T., Martuza, R., Jenkins, R., Yandell, D. & Seizinger, B. R., Sep 1991, In : Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer. 3, 5, p. 323-331 9 p.

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Transcript map of the 3.7-Mb D19S112-D19S246 candidate tumor suppressor region on the long arm of chromosome 19

Hartmann, C., Johnk, L., Kitange, G., Wu, Y., Ashworth, L. K., Jenkins, R. B. & Louis, D. N., Jul 15 2002, In : Cancer research. 62, 14, p. 4100-4108 9 p.

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Transcriptome-wide association study identifies new candidate susceptibility genes for glioma

Atkins, I., Kinnersley, B., Ostrom, Q. T., Labreche, K., Il'yasova, D., Armstrong, G. N., Eckel-Passow, J. E., Schoemaker, M. J., Nothen, M. M., Barnholtz-Sloan, J. S., Swerdlow, A. J., Simon, M., Rajaraman, P., Chanock, S. J., Shildkraut, J., Bernstein, J. L., Hoffmann, P., Jockel, K. H., Lai, R. K., Claus, E. B. & 8 others, Olson, S. H., Johansen, C., Wrensch, M. R., Melin, B., Jenkins, R. B., Sanson, M., Bondy, M. L. & Houlston, R. S., Apr 15 2019, In : Cancer research. 79, 8, p. 2065-2071 7 p.

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Trastuzumab plus adjuvant chemotherapy for operable HER2-positive breast cancer

Romond, E. H., Perez, E. A., Bryant, J., Suman, V. J., Geyer, C. E., Davidson, N. E., Tan-Chiu, E., Martino, S., Paik, S., Kaufman, P. A., Swain, S. M., Pisansky, T. M., Fehrenbacher, L., Kutteh, L. A., Vogel, V. G., Visscher, D. W., Yothers, G., Jenkins, R. B., Brown, A. M., Dakhil, S. R. & 5 others, Mamounas, E. P., Lingle, W. L., Klein, P. M., Ingle, J. N. & Wolmark, N., Oct 20 2005, In : New England Journal of Medicine. 353, 16, p. 1673-1684 12 p.

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Tristetraprolin is a prognostic biomarker for poor outcomes among patients with low-grade prostate cancer

Rounbehler, R. J., Berglund, A. E., Gerke, T., Takhar, M. M., Awasthi, S., Li, W., Davicioni, E., Erho, N. G., Ross, A. E., Schaeffer, E. M., Klein, E. A., Karnes, R. J., Jenkins, R. B., Cleveland, J. L., Park, J. Y. & Yamoah, K., Nov 1 2018, In : Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention. 27, 11, p. 1376-1383 8 p.

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Tumorgrafts as in vivo surrogates for women with ovarian cancer

Weroha, S. J., Becker, M. A., Enderica-Gonzalez, S., Harrington, S. C., Oberg, A. L., Maurer, M. J., Perkins, S. E., AlHilli, M., Butler, K. A., McKinstry, S., Fink, S., Jenkins, R. B., Hou, X., Kalli, K. R., Goodman, K. M., Sarkaria, J. N., Karlan, B. Y., Kumar, A., Kaufmann, S. H., Hartmann, L. C. & 1 others, Haluska, P., Jan 1 2014, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 20, 5, p. 1288-1297 10 p.

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Tumor suppressor gene alterations in malignant gliomas: histopathological associations and prognostic evaluation.

James, C. D., Galanis, E., Frederick, L., Kimmel, D. W., Cunningham, J. M., Atherton-Skaff, P. J., O'Fallon, J. R., Jenkins, R. B., Buckner, J. C., Hunter, S. B., Olson, J. J. & Scheithauer, B. W., Sep 1999, In : International journal of oncology. 15, 3, p. 547-553 7 p.

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Two concurrent phast II trials of paclitaxel/carboplatin/trastuzumab (weekly of every-3-week schedule) as first-line therapy in women with HER2-overexpressing metastatic breast cancer: NCCTG study 983252

Perez, E. A., Suman, V. J., Rowland, K. M., Ingle, J. N., Salim, M., Loprinzi, C. L., Flynn, P. J., Mailliard, J. A., Kardinal, C. G., Krook, J. E., Thrower, A. R., Visscher, D. W. & Jenkins, R. B., Dec 2005, In : Clinical breast cancer. 6, 5, p. 425-432 8 p.

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Uniparental disomy in congenital disorders: A prospective study

Lindor, N. M., Karnes, P. S., Michels, V. V., Dewald, G. W., Goerss, J., Jalal, S., Jenkins, R. B., Vockley, G. & Thibodeau, S. N., Sep 4 1995, In : American journal of medical genetics. 58, 2, p. 143-146 4 p.

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Use of fluorescence in situ hybridization to detect loss of chromosome 10 in astrocytomas

Dalrymple, S. J., Herath, J. F., Ritland, S. R., Moertel, C. A. & Jenkins, R. B., Jan 1 1995, In : Journal of neurosurgery. 83, 2, p. 316-323 8 p.

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Use of fluorescent in situ hybridization for deoxyribonucleic acid ploidy analysis of prostatic adenocarcinoma

Persons, D. L., Gibney, D. J., Katzmann, J. A., Lieber, M. M., Farrow, G. M. & Jenkins, R. B., Jan 1 1993, In : Journal of Urology. 150, 1, p. 120-125 6 p.

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Use of fluorescent in situ hybridization for marker chromosome identification in congenital and neoplastic disorders

Schad, C. R., Kraker, W. J., Jalal, S. M., Tallman, M. S., Londer, H. N., Cook, L. P. & Jenkins, R. B., Jan 1 1991, In : American journal of clinical pathology. 96, 2, p. 203-210 8 p.

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Using germline variants to estimate glioma and subtype risks

Eckel-Passow, J. E., Decker, P. A., Kosel, M. L., Kollmeyer, T. M., Molinaro, A. M., Rice, T., Caron, A. A., Drucker, K. L., Praska, C. E., Pekmezci, M., Hansen, H. M., Mccoy, L. S., Bracci, P. M., Erickson, B. J., Lucchinetti, C. F., Wiemels, J. L., Wiencke, J. K., Bondy, M. L., Melin, B., Burns, T. C. & 4 others, Giannini, C., Lachance, D. H., Wrensch, M. R. & Jenkins, R. B., Mar 18 2019, In : Neuro-oncology. 21, 4, p. 451-461 11 p.

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Validation of a genomic classifier that predicts metastasis following radical prostatectomy in an at risk Patient population

Jeffrey Karnes, R., Bergstralh, E. J., Davicioni, E., Ghadessi, M., Buerki, C., Mitra, A. P., Crisan, A., Erho, N., Vergara, I. A., Lam, L. L., Carlson, R., Thompson, D. J. S., Haddad, Z., Zimmermann, B., Sierocinski, T., Triche, T. J., Kollmeyer, T., Ballman, K. V., Black, P. C., Klee, G. G. & 1 others, Jenkins, R. B., Dec 2013, In : Journal of Urology. 190, 6, p. 2047-2053 7 p.

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Variants in the CDKN2B and RTEL1 regions are associated with high-grade glioma susceptibility

Wrensch, M., Jenkins, R. B., Chang, J. S., Yeh, R. F., Xiao, Y., Decker, P. A., Ballman, K. V., Berger, M., Buckner, J. C., Chang, S., Giannini, C., Halder, C., Kollmeyer, T. M., Kosel, M. L., Lachance, D. H., McCoy, L., O'Neill, B. P., Patoka, J., Pico, A. R., Prados, M. & 8 others, Quesenberry, C., Rice, T., Rynearson, A. L., Smirnov, I., Tihan, T., Wiemels, J., Yang, P. & Wiencke, J. K., Aug 1 2009, In : Nature Genetics. 41, 8, p. 905-908 4 p.

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Variants near TERT and TERC influencing telomere length are associated with high-grade glioma risk

Walsh, K. M., Codd, V., Smirnov, I. V., Rice, T., Decker, P. A., Hansen, H. M., Kollmeyer, T., Kosel, M. L., Molinaro, A. M., McCoy, L. S., Bracci, P. M., Cabriga, B. S., Pekmezci, M., Zheng, S., Wiemels, J. L., Pico, A. R., Tihan, T., Berger, M. S., Chang, S. M., Prados, M. D. & 9 others, Lachance, D. H., O'Neill, B. P., Sicotte, H., Eckel-Passow, J. E., Van Der Harst, P., Wiencke, J. K., Samani, N. J., Jenkins, R. B. & Wrensch, M. R., Jul 2014, In : Nature Genetics. 46, 7, p. 731-735 5 p.

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Whole-body sleeping beauty mutagenesis can cause penetrant leukemia/lymphoma and rare high-grade glioma without associated embryonic lethality

Collier, L. S., Adams, D. J., Hackett, C. S., Bendzick, L. E., Akagi, K., Davies, M. N., Diers, M. D., Rodriguez, F. J., Bender, A. M., Tieu, C., Matise, I., Dupuy, A. J., Copeland, N. G., Jenkins, N. A., Hodgson, J. G., Weiss, W. A., Jenkins, R. B. & Largaespada, D. A., Nov 1 2009, In : Cancer research. 69, 21, p. 8429-8437 9 p.

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YKL-40 expression is associated with poorer response to radiation and shorter overall survival in glioblastoma

Pelloski, C. E., Mahajan, A., Maor, M., Chang, E. L., Woo, S., Gilbert, M., Colman, H., Yang, H., Ledoux, A., Blair, H., Passe, S., Jenkins, R. B. & Aldape, K. D., May 1 2005, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 11, 9, p. 3326-3334 9 p.

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