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A downer Nubian goat with coughing

Gades, N. M., Okerman, R., Twernbold, D., Thompson, K., Bjertness, L. & Marler, R. J., Sep 2005, In : Lab Animal. 34, 8, p. 24-25 2 p.

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Adolescent Smoking Cessation With Bupropion: The Role of Adherence

Leischow, S. J., Muramoto, M. L., Matthews, E., Floden, L. L. & Grana, R. A., May 1 2016, In : Nicotine and Tobacco Research. 18, 5, p. 1202-1205 4 p., ntv144.

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Adjuvant lapatinib and trastuzumab for early human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive breast cancer: Results From the randomized phase III adjuvant lapatinib and/or trastuzumab treatment optimization trial

Piccart-Gebhart, M., Holmes, E., Baselga, J., De Azambuja, E., Dueck, A., Viale, G., Zujewski, J. A., Goldhirsch, A., Armour, A., Pritchard, K. I., McCullough, A. E., Dolci, S., McFadden, E., Holmes, A. P., Tonghua, L., Eidtmann, H., Dinh, P., Di Cosimo, S., Harbeck, N., Tjulandin, S. & 15 others, Im, Y. H., Huang, C. S., Díeras, V., Hillman, D. W., Wolff, A. C., Jackisch, C., Lang, I., Untch, M., Smith, I., Boyle, F., Xu, B., Gomez, H., Suter, T., Gelber, R. D. & Perez, E. A., Apr 1 2016, In : Journal of Clinical Oncology. 34, 10, p. 1034-1042 9 p.

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A classification model for BRCA2 DNA binding domain missense variants based on homology-directed repair activity

Guidugli, L., Pankratz, V. S., Singh, N., Thompson, J., Erding, C. A., Engel, C., Schmutzler, R., Domchek, S., Nathanson, K., Radice, P., Singer, C., Tonin, P. N., Lindor, N. M., Goldgar, D. E. & Couch, F. J., Jan 1 2013, In : Cancer Research. 73, 1, p. 265-275 11 p.

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Accurate patient-specific machine learning models of glioblastoma invasion using transfer learning

Hu, L. S., Yoon, H., Eschbacher, J. M., Baxter, L. C., Dueck, A. C., Nespodzany, A., Smith, K. A., Nakaji, P., Xu, Y., Wang, L., Karis, J. P., Hawkins-Daarud, A. J., Singleton, K. W., Jackson, P. R., Anderies, B. J., Bendok, B. R., Zimmerman, R. S., Quarles, C., Porter-Umphrey, A. B., Mrugala, M. M. & 11 others, Sharma, A., Hoxworth, J. M., Sattur, M. G., Sanai, N., Koulemberis, P. E., Krishna, C., Mitchell, J. R., Wu, T., Tran, N. L., Swanson, K. R. & Li, J., Jan 1 2019, In : American Journal of Neuroradiology. 40, 3, p. 418-425 8 p.

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A case of down syndrome with mirror-image duplication of chromosome 21

Thi, H. T. M., Nhan, N. V., Lindor, N. M., Meyer, R. G., Rai, R. & Velagaleti, G. V. N., Jun 2010, In : American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A. 152, 6, p. 1580-1582 3 p.

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Absence of chromosome fragility at 19q13.3 in patients with myotonic dystrophy

Jalal, S. M., Lindor, N. M., Michels, V. V., Buckley, D. D., Hoppe, D. A., Sarkar, G. & Dewald, G. W., 1993, In : American Journal of Medical Genetics. 46, 4, p. 441-443 3 p.

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Ability of known susceptibility SNPs to predict colorectal cancer risk for persons with and without a family history

Jenkins, M. A., Win, A. K., Dowty, J. G., MacInnis, R. J., Makalic, E., Schmidt, D. F., Dite, G. S., Kapuscinski, M., Clendenning, M., Rosty, C., Winship, I. M., Emery, J. D., Saya, S., Macrae, F. A., Ahnen, D. J., Duggan, D., Figueiredo, J. C., Lindor, N. M., Haile, R. W., Potter, J. D. & 6 others, Cotterchio, M., Gallinger, S., Newcomb, P. A., Buchanan, D. D., Casey, G. & Hopper, J. L., Oct 1 2019, In : Familial Cancer. 18, 4, p. 389-397 9 p.

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A bibliometric analysis on tobacco regulation investigators

Li, D., Okamoto, J., Liu, H. D. & Leischow, S., Mar 21 2015, In : BioData Mining. 8, 1, 11.

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AACR celebrates 50 years of tobacco research and policy

Herbst, R. S., Hobin, J. A., Gritz, E. R., Aberle, D., Brandon, T. H., Fong, G. T., Grandis, J. R., Hatsukami, D. K., Hawk, E., Hong, W. K., Khuri, F. R., Leischow, S. J., Shields, P. G., Toll, B. A., Viswanath, K., Warren, G. & Land, S. R., Apr 1 2014, In : Clinical Cancer Research. 20, 7, p. 1709-1718 10 p.

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{A figure is presented}Colorectal Cancer Risks in Relatives of Young-Onset Cases: Is Risk the Same Across All First-Degree Relatives?

Boardman, L. A., Morlan, B. W., Rabe, K. G., Petersen, G. M., Lindor, N. M., Nigon, S. K., Goldberg, J. & Gallinger, S., Oct 2007, In : Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. 5, 10, p. 1195-1198 4 p.

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